It’s been a full two weeks over here. Our Pikku dog passed away, which was unexpected and sad. It had me out of sorts for a few days. We miss her but feel grateful for all the years we had.

We finally shot our office (a peek into the bathroom to your left) and got it put back together. The clover tudor got new exterior paint and arches built in the kitchen. The 2nd annual Halloween party we co-hosted with our neighbors was so much fun, and people’s costumes were so creative. And then we all got the flu… and still, so much to be grateful for.


Grateful for: We lost our Pikku dog last week, which was hard. Even though she was nearly 16, it was sudden and unexpected, but I am grateful for all the years we had with her and the love and, joy, and memories we had for and with her. She was such a special pup. Also, for friends that sent messages and well wishes that you know understand the loss of a pet. Things are always easier to manage, knowing you’re not alone.

Learned: I learned how to make witch finger cookies for our Halloween party, and they are surprisingly extremely satisfying and funny to make. Clover and I had so much fun making them.

Accomplished: I have exercised/moved my body for 100 days in a row this week!!! For those who know me as an adult, learn how sedentary I have been, so it’s truly a vast accomplishment ha. At my last physical, my doctor told me I had high cholesterol and asked, as she does every year if I get any exercise. The answer was always no, and she would stress the importance, especially as I get older, etc. After over a year or two of wearing the Apple Watch and knowing just how sedentary I am, I finally got motivated and started moving. Mostly walking, sometimes jogging, and short strength training sessions (just fit app). It’s nothing crazy, but here I am, 100 days straight of making all my move goals each day and closing my rings. For those of you who are Apple Watch wearers, you will get what I mean. Hillary Kerr of Who What Wear is a kindred spirit and also inspired my Apple Watch purchase and movement streak. Side note: the girls in the office make fun of me, but I feel so much better physically and mentally. Turns out all the experts are right: ha, moving your body is SO important.

Delighted in: We have our office bathroom a mini makeover, and it went from super drab to quite chic with just the addition of wallpaper, a faucet, a mirror swap, and adding a skirt to the sink.
We used my checkerboard wallpaper, my ripple mirror, and my painted stripe fabric by the yard for the skirt.


Grateful for: On an especially busy week, I’m grateful for the friends and family who I’m able to call with a last-minute plea for help. Some weeks, it takes a village.

Learned: Sickness has been sweeping our office. In hopes of staying healthy, I’ve been making this citrus wellness tea every morning as an extra immunity boost:
1 lemon sliced
1 orange sliced
1 chunk of ginger sliced
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp turmeric
1/2 cup raw honey
1 tap black pepper

Accomplished: Yesterday, we sent a truck full of completed atelier pieces to their new homes in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and LA! Seeing your orders masterly completed by our craftspeople and arriving in your client’s homes is a good feeling!

Delighted in: As a lifelong Frog and Toad fan, this sweet Instagram account is a true delight.


Grateful for: the sun’s appearance today and the fact that Bernadette hasn’t vomited in 24 hours. We just ended 5 days straight of the foggy flu fest and it was as fun as you can imagine.

Learned: of this children’s graphic novel, Unfortunate Life of Worms, by Italian author Noemi Vola. It is hilarious and clever! I’m gifting it to every kid I know this holiday season.

Accomplished: I wiped down our bedroom walls in preparation for wallpaper!! We are using Sarah’s green grass cloth from Lulu. Our bedroom has been the most neglected room in our house. My goal is to make it feel like I’m escaping to the Esme Hotel every night.

Delighted in: Speaking of Frog and Toad, Janna, we discovered the Frog and Toad show on Apple TV! The stories are similar to the books, and Frog and Toad are just as delightful. Birdie loved the ice cream episode.

G.L.A.D. November 3


Grateful for: It’s such a small thing, but I’m so grateful for the convenience of frozen riced cauliflower. Such a tricky way to get my toddler more veggies on the days she refuses anything but berries and cheese.

Learned: Earlier this week, I was introduced to the work of artist Eva Hesse. She was a pioneer in the postminimal art movements of the 1960s and in working with materials such as latex and fiberglass. There’s a great 2016 documentary on her that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Accomplished: I joined a pickleball clinic and had my first lesson. I get why this craze has swept the nation. May or may not already be planning cute pickleball outfits to wear when the weather warms up.

Delighted in: This last week, I’ve been teaching (attempting to teach) Lou to hula hoop, and it’s been making me smile so big that my face hurts.

G.L.A.D. November 3

Grateful for:  My husband took my son to school this morning and let me sleep in. It’s the little things!

Learned: According to my son’s new solar system book, there are 11 billion potentially habitable Earth-sized planets in the Milky Way. What?!

Accomplished: I harvested four pounds of tomatillos from our garden a couple of weeks ago that I finally made into a big batch of salsa verde. I’m glad I didn’t let them go bad and look forward to enjoying them in the months ahead when we’re craving a taste of summer. This recipe is surprisingly quick and super delicious for anyone feeling inspired to make homemade salsa for their next taco night.

Delighted in: Halloween brought major delight to our household between the fun costumes, candy, pumpkin carving, and surprise snowstorms. We even took home the trophy for best family costume at Sarah’s epic Halloween party. It was so much fun, and now, someone, please remove all of the candy from our house because I have zero restraint.

Sarah Matthews

Grateful for: a supportive community & being able to tuck myself & my baby in a safe warm bed ❤️

Learned: I just learned about the Dorthy Turkel House in Detroit while flipping through a book at the office. Peep the stunning music room with pierced block windows and ceiling.

Accomplished: getting our office in tip top shape for a photoshoot and it feels so inspiring and full of all the beautiful things we get to work on.

Delighted in: dressing Tilly up as a tiny Frodo Baggins :)) my cousin bff Noosha and I dressed up as Frodo & Sam for halloween in college and this familiar costume felt so sweet and nostalgic wearing it with my baby.


Grateful for: my yoga instructor told us to massage our feet/legs today and thank them for everything they’ve done for us 😊

Learned: I’ve always been an advocate for therapy because of the growth and healing that comes from gaining self awareness and have been thankful for some perspective shifts it has brought me lately on people, life, and my desires.

Accomplished: making green/protein smoothies at home instead of buying them- 3 times this week!

Delighted in: my first Halloween with my 10 month old Juniper. She was a cozy pink cheetah one night and a plump cozy bumble bee the next ($2 goodwill finds!)


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