I am still thinking about my trip to Miami back in March. The most exciting part was staying at Esmé hotel. I could have spent the whole trip never leaving the grounds. The pool, restaurants, and magic of it all would have 100% kept me satisfied! Although, the 8-minute walk to the beach is worth it to leave. It’s so close. I didn’t even get annoyed when I left my book in my room and had to walk back, haha.

Right off the streets, you feel like you are in on a secret. The busyness of Miami is forgotten, and you are enveloped in the enchantment of Esmé. On your way to your room, you are swallowed into a Spanish Mediterranean world: the bistro sets, bougainvillea, hanging vines and palms, deep red scalloped awnings, checkered tiles, and string lights zigzagging across a crystal blue sky.

Once you make it to your room (you’ll probably spend at least 30 minutes admiring your surroundings and stop to take 10000 photos), BUT once you get there, the rich rose, and emerald colors will convince you, you are never leaving!

And then you will think, ‘I can’t wait to get home and redecorate my whole house.’ And immediately, while lounging by the pool, you will go shopping.

That is precisely what I did, so take a peak into the secret of Esmé hotel below and see what I found to ‘get the look.’

shop the look:

shampoo// sconce// fan// bolster pillow// bed// bedside table// mirror// rug


shop the look:

umbrella// outdoor sofa// straw pendant// bistro chair// bistro table// tile// textured pot// planter// plant

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photos: esme hotel

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