We were so busy living out “GLAD” in California celebrating my fall collection with Lulu and Georgia, we skipped a week. But we are back! Lots to celebrate and like always, so much to be grateful for.

Enjoy below and share your G.L.A.D. in the comments.


Grateful for: This week, I am beyond grateful for my partnership with Lulu and Georgia and for being able to celebrate the fall launch properly in such a big way and with *almost my entire team.

We took over Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach by swapping out all the lobby furniture and decor and making all the beds with bedding and pillows from my collection. It was a true sss takeover, and I found myself falling asleep each night with a smile literally plastered into my face. Getting to see old friends I haven’t gotten to see in years and just soak it all up.

See the full tour here.

Learned: I learned that every dolphin has a signature whistle so others can recognize it. It signals their presence to the others.

Accomplished: This week, I finally went to the eye doctor. I noticed my vision change suddenly after the 40-year mark, and sure enough, it was time for glasses. My friend Lauren turned me onto this Parisian-born but LA-based brand, AHLEM, which is like the farrow and ball of glasses. Super edited a really great selection.

Delighted in: Having moved to Michigan 5 years ago now! Even though I am still in California a lot, I don’t get to see all my friends that have spread from San Diego up to Ojai now, so getting to squeeze so many of them and have a slumber party with them is something I didn’t even know I needed and brought me SO much joy.


Grateful for: Unexpected beach days and lake swims in October!

Learned: I finally started mending some favorite clothes my big kid wore out because it’s already time for my little kid to fit into them. Arounna Khounnoraj’s Visible Mending book taught me everything I needed to know. As my first project, I used this simple technique to sew cute knee patches on a pair of jeans.

Accomplished: I ran four times this week and reminded myself it gets easier with consistency.

Delighted in: Somehow, my garden is still going off with cherry tomatoes, and this easy dinner by Amanda Frederickson was the perfect way to use them up.


Grateful for: Celebrating Sarah’s Lulu and Georgia launch last week. My heart is full from swimming in the ocean, drinking spicy margaritas, and laughing til my cheeks hurt with the SSS team.

Learned: This summer, I pledged that I had to swim if I was at a body of water. This got me thinking and learning about cold water swimming. I loved this article by Patricia Garcia-Gomez and her quote, “My water practice has become my holding space for expanding what the body knows, inner quiet, presence only to water and breath. I’ve learned that my body can go places that my mind might not have imagined. There is something about placing a goal or ritual in your body. That’s what time (and repetition) does. And that’s where the magic lies.”

Anyone in? Let’s meet at the lake.

Accomplished: I managed to leave for 6 days and come back to kids who had brushed their teeth, done their homework, and made it to all their after-school activities!

Delighted in: On my evening walk, I pass these laughing skeletons, and every time, they make me giggle. I’ve never seen skeleton friends having such a good time over a pint.


Grateful for: feeling grateful to properly celebrate Sarah last week in Laguna! We do a lot of screaming and jumping up and down in the office, but it can only do so much 🙂 Also, I feel extremely grateful I work with the kindest group of women who make me laugh, think, feel inspired, and look out for me.

Learned: I learned (am learning) that it is easier to surrender to some toddler fights and let them practice their independence. Instead of avoiding the mess and, ultimately, shutting down an opportunity for Birdie to learn, I let her “help” me cut up ingredients for soup. It was a mess. And made the whole process last longer, but I know she, too, learned something.

Accomplished: Making soup, talked about above. My husband is the default cook in the house, but he started a new job (hello, sss builds!), and I want to start helping on this front. I found this gingery chicken soup recipe on Cup of Jo, and it was SO easy (one pot) and SO good.

Delighted in: Swimming in the ocean in Laguna, laughing at the pure joy of it all and cracking up as we got toppled by the huge waves.

sss GLAD october 13, 2023


Grateful for: Seeing as last week I was sick at home with a toddler, this week I’m grateful to be on the up and up and able to get outside daily for fresh, cool air. And despite everything last week, I was incredibly grateful for all the extra cuddles with my baby girl.

Learned: In the 1960’s Jean Briggs spent time in the Arctic living with Inuit families to observe how they parent. It is fascinating to hear how these adults NEVER act out of anger towards their small children. They are helping their children learn emotional regulation and self-control as early as infancy.

Accomplished: This week, I made it to a Muay Thai class. While I may have physically struggled through it, it felt so great to move in a new way! Looking forward to going back soon.

Delighted in: It’s been a very Disney Princess couple of weeks! We’ve had bunnies playing in our backyard every morning recently, a pair of squirrels chasing each other around the yard in the afternoon, and an owl sitting atop our catalpa tree nightly. It’s been so much fun watching them with Lou while we squeal and giggle from the patio.


Grateful for: my therapist and that we work so well together.

Learned: Female cheetahs are solitary creatures and raise their cubs independently. Where males live in closely bonded groups. I learned it visiting Disney last week because at Animal Kingdom, their 3 female cheetahs are sisters and are very very unique because they have lived together since birth, and they call them The Cheetah Girls.

Accomplished: Flying on a plane for the first time with Juniper (she’s almost 10 months old), she slept in the carrier, ate puffs, and just wanted to read the safety manual like a book over and over.

Delighted in: Wes Anderson’s new film “Asteroid City

Sarah Matthews

Grateful for: My friend Jill and her daughter Rooney, who care for Tilly 4 days a week. We couldn’t do anything without their love & support, and it’s so special to see Tilly grow up alongside her friend Rooney.

Learned: Gratitude is the quickest path to freedom from a heavy mind. Especially as the grey sets in here, I will remember to keep my daily gratitude practice.

Accomplished: It’s a very small thing, but I made a handmade birthday card for a friend, and the act of making something with my hands felt extra meaningful this week.

Delight: The pure joy of traveling with our team last week. Through beach walks in Venice, celebrating Sarah & Lulu & Georgia in Laguna, a special site visit in LA, and sleeping at the new hotel Vitorrja. All the meals together, smiling because the produce has flavor, laughing so damn much, & taking care of each other. What a gift!

sss GLAD october 13, 2023


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