Hotel Corazón is a world of its own. Nestled between mountains and sea on an island off of Spain. Is it Spain’s best-kept secret? Or am I just dreaming?

This hotel promises both easy living and adventure. A place to be barefoot, eat from the trees, and swim in the sea with a little side of luxury. I think this is my spirit hotel.

I mean, how perfect is my Odette lamp and sconce? Unbeknownst, it was designed for one of these rooms.

I don’t know which room I would choose to stay in. I might have to bring a big group of friends and take over the whole hotel to experience every room. Who is coming with me, and which room are you calling? 

bed// bolster pillow// ball pillow// bedding// sheepskin rug// odette table lamp// side table// artwork// bookcase// sculpture

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