DIY - giant - to do list // sarah sherman samuelWhen your job description has as many hyphens as mine (designer-maker-blogger-art director-photographer-etc.etc.) or if you’re just a creative person in general, chances are you’ve got a whole bunch of different projects going on. While I live by my online calendar, I still keep a notebook for daily to-do lists yet still with both the calendar and various notebooks, I was really missing my black board from my old, old home-office where I would have a list of projects that are ongoing and/or don’t have a formal deadline. The kinds of projects that aren’t super pressing but ones I still want to keep on my radar so when I do get a free moment, I can chip away at those long term goals. Since I am such a visual person, it really helps me to have those things listed out, big and all in one place, so I can take a quick glance and easily cherry pick my next task, keeping me super-efficient.

I was looking for a way to bring that idea back to my new studio and came up with this hanging giant to-do list. I love the paper roll because you can make the list really long or keep it short, and once you’ve crossed a bunch of the to-do’s off you can tear the sheet off and start fresh. I’ve decided it’s also just extra satisfying to cross things off of a giant to do-list, I don’t know why, it just is.

DIY - giant - to do list // sarah sherman samuelDIY - giant - to do list // sarah sherman samuelGet the full DIY after the jump…

Supplies Needed:
2′ copper pipe
1.25″ copper cabinet pull (mines from Schoolhouse Electric)
copper wrapping wire
hanger bolt
drywall anchor
paper roll step-1-diyStep:1 Thread the copper pipe through the paper roll and then thread approximately 4.5′ of rope through the pipe.

step-2-diyStep 2: Bring the ends of the rope together and make a loose loop at each end.

step-3-diyStep 3: Using the copper wire, wrap the rope tightly to create a loop just large enough to fit over the cabinet pull.

step-4-diyStep 4: Screw the machine screw side of the hanger bolt into the cabinet pull.

step-5-diyStep 5: Using the drill, drill out a pilot hole in the wall and then hammer in the anchor.

Step 6: Screw the cabinet pull with the hanger bolt into the anchor  by hand.

step-6-diyStep 7: Hang the two loops over the cabinet pull.

giant-to-do-list-diy-4-640Step 8: Get busy. Write your to-do list and start checking things off because you’re done!

giant-to-do-list-diy-3-640giant-to-do-list-diy-2-640My favorite part of this project might be the hanger bolts which you can so easily use to make your favorite cabinet hardware into a hook. The possibilities are endless and a mini version of this would surely make a really cute toilet paper or paper towel holder. What do you think?

Sources: Cabinet Pull from Schoolhouse Electric // Paper roll from Ikea // Framed Print by Sarah Sherman Samuel //Desk Legs from Pretty Pegs // Vintage Brass Swivel Chair from Starburst Modern  // Rug is Vintage from Frances Loom // Paint color is Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore.

To see more of the studio in the making check here. 

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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