DIY wall hanging // stories by sarah sherman samuelThis wall hanging was a fun last minute addition to our NYE PARTY and I might just keep  it up year ‘round! Read more for the full DIY…

Supplies needed:
a 48″ long .5″ wooden dowel rod
yarn (for hanging)
gold table skirt, silver table skirt
white paper fringe
packing tape
metallic tape
scissors DIY party wall hanging s // stories by sarah sherman samuel I did a few sketches of the design before hitting the fringe but overall this was a figure out as I go type of project. I took down the evergreen from my CHRISTMAS WALL-HANGING, re-used the same rod, and bought these table skirts. Then, armed with just tape and scissors, a few minutes later I had a shiny beautiful focal point for our party!


DIY-PArty-wall-hanging3First, I cut a section of the gold table skirt that was 83″ long and folded it in half, to make the fringe thicker, making the final length 41.5″ long. I ran a piece of packing tape along the top of the fringe, down entire length, and folded it over the top securing the two halves of the fringe together.

DIY party wall hanging s // stories by sarah sherman samuelSecond, I cut 3 12″ sections of the silver table skirt and taped them one on top of each other to the center of the gold fringe.

DIY-PArty-wall-hanging4For the third step, I cut a 25″ section of the white fringe and taped that on top.

DIY-PArty-wall-hanging5Finally, I used the metallic tape to create loops to secure the wall hanging to the dowel, as well as trim (to cover the packing tape).

DIY party wall hanging // stories by sarah sherman samuelDIY party wall hanging // stories by sarah sherman samuelNew-years-eve-dinner2-640And that is it! Hang that puppy on the wall and have a party.

See the rest of the party and sources here.
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