DIY holiday wall hanging // sarah sherman samuel I threw my first party in the new studio for which I whipped up this evergreen wall hanging and it is easily my new favorite piece of holiday decor. This crazy simple DIY has loads of visual impact but doesn’t take up any floor space, making it perfect for small spaces.

Supplies needed:
a 48″ long .5″ dowel rod
evergreen boughs (picked up from a local florist or your backyard if you’re lucky)
staple gun

holiday-wall-hanging-DIY-step1Step 1: I started by tying one piece of yarn (about 4′ long) at each end of the dowel and then stapled the tied yarn in place (on the back) to secure. Then I hung it on a nail on the wall.

holiday-wall-hanging-DIY-step2Step 2: Then  I started on one end (just inside the yarn used for hanging) and looped a doubled up piece of yarn (about 2′ long) around the dowel.

DIY holiday wall hanging steps // sarah sherman samuelStep 3: About a foot down from the dowel, I tied one of the evergreen boughs and repeated the same length on the opposite end of the dowel.

holiday wall hanging DIYStep 4. I increased the length of the yard by about 4″ and repeated step 3 about 5″ over from the first bough, and continued on until you get to the center bough which should hang the furthest down to create the V shape.

DIY holiday wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelAnd there you have it! Instant holiday cred. Cracker is thrilled as usual. x

Chair from the Citizenry // Pillow from Loom Goods 

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

See last years wall hanging here 

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