cabin kitchen // smitten studioI finally found a solution to my great rug debate. Remember when I had the floral one here and was trying to find a replacement? I received a lot of helpful tips on this one (thank you!) and even though some of you thought I was a little nuts to have a rug in the kitchen at all, I went with this simple blue option from West Elm.

I chose the rug for multiple reasons. One, the smaller size was perfect (the floral one I think took up too much of the space), two, the pretty pop of blue brought a bit of color and pattern into the room right where I wanted it, three, it’s reversible so when it gets dirty I can flip it over for double the use, and four, it was on sale so it was only $5.99! At that price, I don’t mind if doesn’t stay pristine for long.

cabin kitchen & dining  // smitten studioYou may also notice that I painted the plate rail white, which is working better for me then how it was before. The space between the countertop and the ceiling is no longer broken up visually by the darker line of the wooden plate rail, so the ceiling looks a little higher and the room lighter.

I also put together a quick & cheap piece of art for the room by framing a feather that I collected from outside. Buy the frame, stick a feather in it… done! Oh nature’s simple beauty.

The shelves on the back wall are another new addition that we made, but I will get into all of that on the next post. 🙂

So what do you think? Hit or miss on that rug?

To see how the kitchen looked before, check here.
To see all of the cabin progress so far, check here.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Product Guide: Rug by West Elm // RTA cabinets by Customer Service Hardware // Countertops, sink, and faucet by Ikea // Photo frame from Target // Arthur Umanoff Dining Set – vintage

  • Noelle

    The rug looks great! Brings a vibrant spot of color. I have a rug in our kitchen by the sink (on hardwood floors) and it has held up well with cats and a small child. I think yours will be fine. Will be nice when it’s cold outside too. Love all your design stuff! It is fascinating to see and inspiring what you put together.

  • Ha – I totally approve of the rug choice… I have the same one in my kitchen!! 🙂 Your cabin looks amazing!!

  • Ashley

    So pretty Sarah!!!! PS…I think the natural color woven window shades that i have in my house would look SO pretty in your cabin, and bring in a great texture!! Let me know if you want me to send you a pic/sample 🙂

  • So crisp and clean, I love it! The perfect space! At the price, that rug is amazing!

  • I have some major cabin envy going on right now … The place looks so perfect!!! Love it!

    xox Vicky

  • I LOVE what you did in the ceiling with those boards. That looks terrific.
    I am not moved by that rug, but if you love it, I would say keep it 🙂
    Love the white plate rail too. So awesome. Love how you styled it. Perfection!

    • Thanks Katja, yea it probably wouldn’t have been my first choice but sometimes the budget needs to take what it can and I love the color.

  • i am absolutely loving watching the makeover of your cabin – so good!

    i was on a major feather kick last fall and collected many while walking my dog – i too stuck 3 in a frame and voila – instant art! nature is so wonderful…and affordable!

  • That pop of blue is just lovely in your warm and neutral space! And seriously…$5.99? You can’t say no for a price like that! You can change it out guilt free if and when you get sick of it.

    Your cabin feels like such a wonderfully cozy retreat – I am really enjoying following the transformation on your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Kay,
    Exactly! and yea I have been on a major feather kick for years now. ha

  • Thanks Nicole! so glad you are enjoying it!

  • Oh, I love your kitchen! Great job. I am renovating a cabin too, though very different from yours. Nevertheless, I’m still very inspired by your progress and vision. This is my first visit to your blog, and I’ve enjoyed looking back through your posts. Good luck!

  • Jessica

    with all the grain patterns going in that direction (floor, table, counter) ) its awesome that you painted the plate rail white to open breathe up the height of the space and then broke against those flowing lines with the graphic rug-I LOVE IT! I hope you bought three at that price! Your just super amazing! Peace and love to you and Rup. – Jessica

  • Jessica

    plus HELLO! kind of similar to the super fresh, darling polka dot bedding! so much harmony with that limited color scheme!

  • Jenn

    I just discovered your site and I love it!!! So many similar design ideas. I really like the blue rug but with the color scheme you could pretty much get away with anything. I was wondering where you got the shades from?

  • I am dying over the faucet in this kitchen! Is it really IKEA? Just scoured the site and couldn’t find it…

    • Hi Sara, oh the faucet is from overstock. I had one from Ikea picked out but found that one instead. You can get the link for it here.

  • Delia

    What about fridge?

    • Hi Delia,
      the fridge is the two stainless steel drawers on the right side by the oven. you can get the info on it here.

  • Anne

    Sarah, beautiful makeover! Did yid you make or buy the white brackets that hold up the shelves above the sink? I would be interested in using a similar installation and am curious.


  • Ellie Heath

    Discovered your blog from the recent Remodelista post. I love your style! Love your table and chair set. Where are they from?

  • Ben Harty

    Looks great! I love the concept they had. It works beautifully and the contrasts give it a light and airy feeling with a solid tone of modernness.

  • Jessica

    This is beautiful! Can you share what type of stain or treatment you used on the Ikea numerar countertops? Thanks!

  • Joanna

    Just make across your blog via Pintereest and I’m in love!!
    This may sound like a crazy question but color and sheen of white did you use in this kitchen?
    Husband and I are painting our kitchen and there are SO many white choices!
    Thank you.

    • Hi Joanna,
      yes! whites are actually so hard. I chose Whisper Grey by DutchBoy for the cabin. Flat for the ceiling and eggshell for the walls.

  • Kendra Jones

    Thanks for sharing your pictures of the cabin and the kitchen. For me it is ideal. Since I have an older small kitchen and your renovation creates a spacious fun to work in space. I was especially attracted to the wood butcher block counter tops and have been considering eventually changing my lil old kitchen blue laminate counters to a wood. If not all; parts of. What did you use? and what veered you from Ikea wood countertops? I’ve read many folks get Ikea wood tops. Otherwise doesn’t matter, I like what you have. Also your choice in faucet type/color is perfect in contrast with the white wood cabinets and walls. And the bits of black, wood and greenery pop here.
    Another note I am enjoying the look of the airy wood/metal dining table set you have. Can you tell us where/what you got that one? I am a older interior designer going back to grad school to study Regional City Planning and I am a die hard at renovations on budgets that have vergie freshness appeal. So look forward to seeing more of your work and will post/pin these pics. Thank you!
    Kendra Jones, Oklahoma City OK

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