cabin bedroom built in bunk bedscabin bedroom built in bunk bedcabin bedroomcabin bedroom built in bunk bedOn the last trip to the cabin we got a lot accomplished in the bedroom. We worked late the night before leaving to finish the bunk beds, wallpaper, & install the lighting. So… sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I had to snap these on the way out the door for an early flight and it was still dark out! One of the down falls of trying to renovate and document a cabin from across the country.

To recap on everything we had previously done in the bedroom…
1. Removed the old walls, floor, ceiling, doors, and bunk beds. 2. Installed new flooring. 3. Put up the new ceiling. 4. Hung & finished the drywall. 5. Framed out the new closets and added doors. 6. Put in new entry doors. 7. Installed new overhead and sconce lighting 8. Re-built one set of bunk beds 9. Wallpapered

… and this is what we accomplished for this update:
1. Re-worked our new bunk bed a little and painted it white 2. Installed the curtain rods & curtains for the bunks (I used the same materials for the rods as I did for the living room curtains, just smaller) 3. Made the bunk ladder

… and still to do:
1. Install two small windows in the bunk bed wall. (I want a view of the lake while lying in bed, even if it is through a tiny window. 🙂

Almost done in here!

Product guide: Wall Mirror from Target  //  Bedding from Ikea  //  Cowhide & sheepskin rugs from Ikea  //  Edwardian Bed from Target  // Lighting from Restoration Hardware

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