halloweem little mermaid sebastian costumesFor the first time since I can remember, I planned a costume out further than the day before Halloween. I mean, I have a baby now so I felt it was my duty. Seeing kids dressed up has always been the best part so when my niece told me she wanted me to be Ariel, it got me thinking that Archer sure would make a stinking cute Sebastian. Well turned out he did, but he was also a pretty pissed off Sebastian. The lobster outfit I got was like a big polyester sleeping bag, so there was that, paired with LA’s eternal summer weather and the lobster head/hat situation and poor little buddy was sweating within minutes. We ended up switching out the suit for a red onesie and kept on the hat. Maybe next year I will step it up even further and actually make his costume, I always love studio DIY’s homemade versions. Anywhooo, I didn’t give Rupe much say in his costume but he didn’t seem to mind going as Prince Eric. Hope you all had a happy Halloween. xo

Lobster Costume (if you don’t live in souther california)  // Ariel Wig // Mermaid Tail/Skirt

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