shop picks urban outfitters // sarah sherman samuelI was wearing a dress from Urban Outfitters recently and my friends couldn’t believe that it was from UO and that I was shopping at UO. ha! Little did they know I shop from there often. Yes, a lot of their items aren’t luxe quality and it can swing wayyyy more boho than me, but more often than not, I find a few pieces of clothing and homegoods that have modern lines, unique shapes and are totally me. They also have been selling goods by smaller designers and artists like my Mary Meyer dress or even prints by Max Wanger, which I love.

Here is what has landed in my Urban Outfitters shopping cart as of late…

Black Jumpsuit // Wire Earrings // Wall Hanging // Locus Side Table // Fringe Bag // Ivory Romper //  Cuff Bracelet // Harper Side Table // Seventy Tree Art Print // Macrame Swing Chair // Kelsi Dagger Heels // Mod Metal Planter

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