Laundry Room Renovation ProgressLast week I shared a bit about the design of the laundry room in the a-frame, and as you know from our LA home, I don’t like to short change a laundry room. I love giving what can often be a neglected space a little extra oomph with special touches like wallpaper and in this case we also didn’t hold back on the actual machines.

I worked with Electrolux who upped the style and the functionality of the a-frame laundry room and I’m excited to share a peek into the work-in-progress as well as the summer wardrobe staples they help me care for.

Laundry Room Renovation ProgressI’m feeling all grown up, as this is the first washer and dryer I have ever picked out myself. The first house my husband and I bought was a townhouse and it came with a small stacked washer-and-dryer-in-one type unit and then our current house also came with machines. They are old and not great, but they still work so we are using those until they quit on us.

Now, it’s official. I’m an adult and I’m totally nerding out over laundry. I never knew what it was like to have new, powerful, but gentle at the same time, machines to care for my clothes. I’ve already put them to good use this summer since I have the habit of wearing white… a lot. For example, while working on renovations (I wallpapered the room and put together the cabinets in this dress, pure genius) and even while I have a very messy toddler (food actually going in his mouth is sometimes a game of chance) so I have put the “most effective stain removal” claim to the test and I have to say the washer really does get rid of the spills and stains from my creative mama messy life.

Laundry Room Renovation ProgressThankfully now with all the time we are spending at the A-frame, I can keep my white summer dresses in heavy rotation. I love the structure of the large cuffed sleeves on this one and when I’m not hanging at the cabin, it is perfect for work and play.

There is still some work to be done in the space, like hanging some shelving, installing lights and hardware and adding in some basket type storage. Looking forward to sharing the whole design from start to finish coming up soon!

Sources: Dress from Madewell (on sale!) // Hat is Vintage // Shoes from Dolce Via // Necklace by Maslo // Washer and Dryer from Electrolux // Rug from Frances Loom // Wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Cabinets from Ikea // ladder is a DIY, find it here 


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