AdvertisementAdvertisementbathroom re-fresh DIY towel ladder // sarah sherman samuelWe have been busy bees in full nesting mode lately, and the new bathroom didn’t get left behind. Target sent me over some pretty little items from their bath collection, like the bamboo & ceramic soap dispenser and tumbler and some crisp new white towels, which gave the space a quick refresh and I also got to work on making this ladder for some much needed towel storage/display.

bathroom re-fresh DIY towel ladder // sarah sherman samuelbathroom-refresh5We also finally got around to installing a toilet paper holder (the prettiest one in all the land, I’m convinced).

bathroom re-fresh DIY towel ladder // sarah sherman samuelbathroom re-fresh DIY towel ladder // sarah sherman samuelbathroom re-fresh DIY towel ladder // sarah sherman samuelI also am loving the mix of all the different wood tones with the bamboo accessories, the vintage credenza-turned vanity and the ladder, I think it really warms up the bright white the space.

Bamboo & Ceramic Tumbler from Target // Bamboo & Ceramic Soap Dispenser from Target // Botanic Fiber Bath Towels from Target // Bamboo Wastebasket from Target // Toilet Paper Holder by Ferm Living // Pendant Lamps by Cedar & Moss // Kohler Purist Shower Head // Vessel Sink // Kohler Purist Faucet //  Merola White Hex Tiles // Vintage Credenza turned vanity // Daltile White Subway Tiles //  Mirror & Shower Enclosure, custom made

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Get the details on the DIY ladder after the jump…

diy-towel-blanket-rack-ladder-dimensions Supplies needed:

2, 2″ round x 72″ long wooden dowels
3, 1″ round x 48″ long wooden dowel rods
wood glue
1″ hole saw or drill press with 1″ bit
chop saw or hand saw

In the image above I’ve listed all the dimensions to make the tapered ladder. In order for it to be visually balanced, as the ladder gets skinnier at the top, so does the distance between the rungs (just slightly). I also listed out the dimensions to cut the 1″ dowels down to (the measurements listed just below each horizontal dowel), which is the first step in the process.

towel-rack-ladder-DIY1Second step is to drill the holes in the large 2″ dowel rods. The ideal way to do it is with a drill press as I am using in this photo. We put the working table of the press at just under a 3 degree angle, which is what makes the hole go in at a slight angle so that even though the vertical rods are angled in, the dowels that make the rungs of the ladder are parallel to the ground. The alternative way of making these holes would be with a drill and a hole saw, but it would be hard to get the angle just right.

towel-rack-ladder-DIYOnce all the pieces are cut and the holes are drilled, all that is left is to glue it all together! I let mine sit for a couple hours on the ground, to make sure it dried straight, before leaning it up against the wall.

bathroom re-fresh DIY towel ladder // sarah sherman samuelOne final step would be to finish it with polyurethane (if you like the color of the wood as is), or stain or paint it. I still haven’t decided on the finish yet and might stain it in the end, but for now I am liking it as a blondie.

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Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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