loloi-livingroom2-640Have you all heard of Loloi rugs? They recently sent me over a video they created that captures the process behind their handcrafted rugs and I was pretty blown away. #1 it makes me want to go to India #2 it makes me appreciate my always growing rug collection even more and #3 gets the maker in me really excited about the craft. 

loloi-livingroom3-640I have a mild obsession with rugs, as you may have noticed, I recently shared about how I usually start the design process by choosing the rug first, but it is also fun to see how changing up a rug in an already finished space can make such a big impact. I chose to style one of Loloi’s rugs from their Nomad Collection, in a dark color to illustrate just that. It turned the room from bright and airy to a more warm and cozy vibe in just the 2 minutes it took me to roll it out.

loloi-livingroom4-640loloi-livingroom-640In the video you will see a quote that reads “if you’re only looking at a finished rug it’s easy to forget how much craftsmanship is involved.” and that really resonated with me.  After taking that weaving class a couple weeks ago, and only getting a few inches on a tiny handheld loom finished, I have an extra appreciation for those rug weavers! It is easy to look at a finished room, a finished rug, all the furniture and not give much thought into the work, the people, and the craft that goes into each piece but the story behind an object is why I love to bring handcrafted pieces into a space and the video couldn’t illustrate it better. Check it out here, and next time you see a handcrafted rug you can enjoy it just a bit more. 

See the DIY post on how I made these shelves here.

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