For those who followed Inspired Interiors, you’ll remember the space I designed in Topanga for my dear friend Jaimi (who you also know from her home reno). The Well Lived Woman, a sanctuary for women, is a testament to Jaimi’s commitment to community and healing. I was truly honored to contribute, always with the goal of supporting Jaimi’s incredible work. The end result was beyond our wildest dreams.

It’s been a while since my last visit, and as I returned to LA last month, I couldn’t help but feel the need for a much-needed full tour and interview with the visionary behind it all. Enjoy below a look into the space and hear what’s going on inside its’ doors from Jaimi herself.

the well lived woman

Tell us about yourself:

I am the founder of The Well Lived Woman, a therapist specializing in women’s needs, a women’s group leader, a serial entrepreneur, and a mother of twin boys. 

What were your intentions when imagining and designing the space? 

The space needed to be welcoming and warm, feel peaceful, and have elevated but organic design elements. I wanted it to be beautiful but not too precious so that people would really think they could fully relax in it.

Tell me about the circle room! What inspired this?  

I knew I wanted the space to be light and airy, but with all the light and air, I wanted the circle room to be an exception. I wanted it to feel completely separate from the rest of life so that when you walk in, you feel cozy and safe and consent to inherent privacy to allow people to really settle in and open up. Also, a circle is inherently a communal or feminine shape. Sarah’s idea was to have it be terra-cotta rust-colored, and we went all in on it. I love that room so much and so does everybody else that comes and visits. 

How does the space enhance the work you do as a psychotherapist? 

I’m often surprised that many therapists don’t take care and consideration of their office where they invite their clients to do healing work. The environment, beauty, and warmth are essential to comforting somebody and setting them up to heal and be inspired. That my office is beautiful, I think, feels like an additional way that I care for my clients, and that when they come and do the work with me in a place that feels peaceful and inspiring, that peace and inspiration flows into the rest of their lives.

the well lived woman

Tell me about one of your favorite events or gatherings at WLW.

Many exciting things are happening at The Well Lived Woman right now. We launched our membership program a few months back so that people who are not local to Los Angeles could have the community that we offer. Our membership offers so many amazing things, really expanding upon what we offer in person.

There are a lot of educational resources, meaningful connections, special discounts on amazing aligned brands, And guest experts that are only available to our membership.

We are also licensing (head here to inquire) for others to open up their own location in different states and cities because what we offer is so needed, not just in LA. I’m excited to see the expansion come to fruition.

As far as our programming goes, I’m doing The Artist Way group right now as a participant, which is so good, writing pleasure workshops are unlike anything I’ve ever encountered, and we have a matchmaking event for singles that I’m excited to have. 

What are three of your favorite products you carry?

I love the Bembien bags, Alexis Smart remedies, which are magically potent and effective, and the HAKO incense, which is expensive but such a worthwhile luxury because it smells unlike anything else. Can I do four? In this case, I also love the skin care products: the face oil, the face cream, and the Kansa wand. They are divine.

I love your values deck! What are your values right now? 

My top five values are gratitude, authenticity, growth, creativity, and fun. You can learn more and shop The Values Deck here.

I know you love to read. Do you have any recommendations for us?

Covenant of Water and Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese are a fully engrossing study on humanity. Abraham Verghese is such an incredible storyteller and I feel like I learned so much in those books and they gave me a lot to think about while being thoroughly enjoyable.

What’s next for WLW? Is anything exciting coming up?

We are launching our own WLW products! First up are our very own tea blends! The teas are still in production and will be coming soon, but will be available in store (for purchase & tasting) and online once ready.

We will also start doing live tours in different cities. Put your vote in for us to come to you!

We will be expanding into other locations soon (if you’d like to own a Well Lived Woman where you live, go HERE). 

Thanks, Jaimi!

I love stopping by WLW to shop whenever I’m in town. I always find some of my favorite everyday items there. Here’s a snapshot of my recent purchases!

mini watercolor set// croaking frog drum// values deck// the five minute journal// alexis smart flower remedy// letting your shadows in deck// paint brushes// knotty ring// coconut rose bath soak// little sippers shot cup// classic ruffle bowl// speckled mug// moroccan shopping basket

And, we couldn’t not include a photo of you and the boys 🙂

the well lived woman

design by: sarah sherman samuel

photos by:

portrait of jaimi with her boys by love child photo

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