Remember that time on the tail end of COVID when we started a book club?! It didn’t last long because, well, life. But as I revisit the posts, it was sooo good. And, one of the habits I am focusing on in 2024 is reading like a maniac.

So, let’s bring it back!

Since we started with Ann Patchett (the Dutch house), let’s revamp the book club with one. Tom Lake, anyone?! I began this one a few months ago on a trip to LA and, unfortunately, only got 100 pages on the plane. Then, in the craziness of our trip, the book stayed in my carry-on, and then the craziness of returning to home life…. the book stayed in my carry-on. Until January 1st, when I decided my intention to read read read all of 2024, Tom Lake emerged, finally, from that carry-on, and ohh what joy.

I am now immersed in the cherry farm, nostalgia, and young love (I won’t say too much to give it away to those who haven’t read). Still, I must add that part of the story takes place in a cherry orchard in northern Michigan in the summer. And right now in Michigan, amidst the grey, grey winter days, that place is all we are holding onto. Also, I think I want to read Our Town and Chekov now??? Tom Lake is bringing me life in so many ways, haha.

I can’t wait for all of you to experience the magic of Michigan on a cherry orchard in the summer in this book. And, of course, the magic (again) of Ann Patchett’s storytelling. 

Before I go, let’s revisit our initial way of doing this: 

    1. The intro post (that’s this) is your cue to start reading!
    2. Discussion post in one month-ish (March 18). We gather back on the sss edit, and I’ll share my vision of the farmhouse (!!!) and all the visual aesthetics of the story. I’ll leave some questions in the post’s comments you can reply to, and we can start our discussion.

Happy reading!


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