You all have known me long enough that you know my favorite self-care is a long soak in my tub at the end of the day, right? It washes away all of my worries (ok, maybe half haha). One of my only regrets of letting the #sssshowhouse go is not taking enough baths in those soaking tubs. Sigh, I’ve moved on, though, thinking about the tub I will put in the #sssitalianontheblvd. See (and shop) what’s been on my mind below!

shop my soaking tub picks:

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sarah sherman samuel// basic projects// bathwater monopoly design by pierce and ward// bea and costyle// hotel vitorrja// humbert and poyet// liz dutton interiors// marie flanigan interiors// nicole england// prospect refuge photo by nicole franzen// stil james interiors// sarah sherman samuel

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