wynwood art district // smitten studioWhen I lived in Miami, this neck of the woods was the old manufacturing district with abandoned warehouses on every corner. Now the big buildings have turned into giant canvases featuring artist’s work from all over the world. Rupe and I spent a day wandering around the streets soaking up all the creativity….

wynwood art district // smitten studioMural by Maya Hukuk wynwood art district // smitten studioMural by Faith 47 wynwood art district // smitten studioMural by Ahol Sniffs Glue (seriously, I am not making that name up)

wynwood art district // smitten studioThe buildings no longer stand empty either, Wynwood is now home to over 70 galleries where you can get your art fix, as well as some great restaurants, shops and bars. We had a tastey meal of small plates at Wynwood Kitchen (the himachi ceviche & mexican corn was SO good), and picked up a few unique items for the house at Frangipani (my favorite shop there) and Elemental.

Images are iPhone snaps by me. You can see more on my instagram (@sarahshermansamuel)

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