link love // smitten studioBefore I launched Smitten Studio I used to sit at my full-time job and pour through blogs (luckily it was part of the job description), getting inspired by the many people that were blazing their own paths and working for themselves. I always knew I eventually wanted to do that myself, so my first step was to start my blog. Almost a year after I shared my first post, I left my job to dedicate all my working time to create original content on Smitten Studio and to launch my own product line, A Sunny Afternoon.

Being so busy with said projects I haven’t really had the time to read other blogs and I miss getting those doses of inspiration. So, I thought I’d start this new little feature that will encourage me to check out what else is going on out there, once in a while, and I will report back my favorite finds.  Here we go…

1: This might be my favorite style post image of all time. Sarah & Lou make photo magic happen.
2: Breanna Rose puts together a great mix tape for a chill workday.
3: The shop owner of one of my new favorite stores in Michigan had her house featured this week and my jaw dropped when I saw this shelving in the dining room.
4: An inspiring creative journey that reminded me so much of my own story and encouraged me to keep on keepin’ on.

Is this something you guys would like to see? Or do you get enough of these in your own reading?

  • Some great interiors inspo in #3

  • Tori

    I love links to stuff that has inspired the blogs I read. I just discovered your blog yesterday and I adore it. You’re doing such great things with it:) I also just found A House in the Hills not too long ago and have been looking at both sites for style inspiration. Keep it up!

    Much love,

  • Always appreciate these link list type things—gives me a break from the work day.

  • i’m a newer blogger, and i love posting links and reading other people’s links. it’s a great way to discover new blogs and products!

  • Bea

    These are great links to other blogs… fun and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • Would absolutely love to see more of this type of post! I love discovering new, beautiful, creative work… it’s all too easy to feel like you don’t have time to push beyond what you normally read and get some fresh perspectives on everything from music to design.

  • Love it! Keep them coming!

  • I have been a follower of yours for quite some time now! I love how you juxtapose the charming, edgy style-posts with the get-your-hands-dirty DIY cabin work. Love all the cabin posts, and the posts such as this one which link up to others things you come across that are interesting!

  • oh lady! thank you thank you! finally getting around to catching up on MY favorite blogs and look what i stumble across! 🙂

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