dresser/chest round-up

Now that we’ve made the space for it, I am on the hunt for the perfect dresser. Here are my top picks from near and far.

Woodwind Chest from Urban Home // Hazel Chest by Arteriors // Case Study Dresser by Modernica // Dawson Chest by Crate and Barrel dresser/chest round-upUptown Dresser by The Land of Nod // Asher Dresser from Smart Furniture // Cincinnati Cabinet by Organic Modernism // Med-Century Dresser by West Elm (also comes in a wood finish)

  • that hazel dresser…words can not event express how good that one is. it’s definitely got my vote!

  • I know that was my favorite too! Total swoon, although a bit out of my budget. And by a bit I mean A LOT. 🙂

  • Kathryn

    Love the offset drawers on the woodwind chest and the hairpin legs on the case study dresser. They are all fabulous though! Can’t wait to see what you pick when you reveal the finished room to us!

  • Karen

    I love the Cincinnati cabinet. It’s a bit pricey though. Just love the details.

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Sarah, you could totally DIY that Hazel loveliness, I know it! Source out drawers, my husband is a woodworker, I could get a reference for you if you feel brave! And seek out somebody to turn you a few sexy legs! It is a lovely piece.

  • Personally, I love the one you diy’ed at the cabin 😉

  • Janet

    Love the Hazel – the drawer handle and feet details are perfection! You have good taste! Speaking of which – what’s the rule or any advice on getting wood furniture to come together cohesively in a room? Can diff color woods work in the same room? How? Thanks for any design advice!

  • Emily

    My goodness, the Hazel is gorgeous. If your or your husband are even slightly clumsy I highly recommend against the Mid-century furniture from West Elm. I bought several pieces (2 nightstands, 3 drawer dresser, and 6 drawer dresser) in mid-November and I am really disappointed with the quality. The edges splinter with even the slightest bump, and my husband is the worlds biggest klutz. Good luck with your hunt, I am looking forward to seeing what you pick!

  • julia2

    I have a dresser that looks like the Asher dresser but an actual vintage dresser. It was a steal for 160 dollars and I absolutely love it!

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