framing in progressExcuse Cracker’s foul modeling please, and check out our (almost) bedroom walls! It feels so good to see the structure start to come to life and it also led to a quick changeroo in the plan…

bedroom framing in progressYou see that silver ladder with the blue top leaning on that wall? Well, that was going to be a window per the plan, however we are taking that one out in order to get a little open wall space for some much needed storage furniture.

revised planIn my original design, the closet door was going to be on the same wall as the bathroom door, but it was a little too tight of a space for a walk-in closet. We didn’t want to extend out anymore and take up too much of the backyard so we decided to switch to sliding doors on the side wall instead (which is how it’s shown in the plan).

Well, this was a good change but it took away that open wall which was going to be where a dresser would go (and Rupert wants his panties in a dresser, darn it). So now, we are going to take out that window to make room for a tall dresser.

Hey, this is my first time designing a new build space from the ground up (without the constraints of an existing foundation or walls) so I am bound to change my mind a time or two, right? Luckily we caught this early so it didn’t cost us a cent.

To see more of the renovation check here. 

  • juliet

    Yay! I check here every day for updates on the house! I love the way you have decorated the kitchen and living area!

  • ing

    Hi, your posts on the renovation are my favourite! Probably because I’m house hunting… I even went back to read all your posts on the cabin. You made such a gorgeous work!!

    I have a question for you or maybe some of your US readers: I know that in US you usually build houses with a wooden structure, while here, in Europe (I live in Italy), we use mainly bricks and/or reinforced concrete. Lately, however, some companies started to sell wooden prebuilt houses. Actually, I’m not sure “prebuilt” is the right term: they arrive with a bunch of precut wooden pieces and use them to build a house over concrete foundations. Then they apply a few layers of insulation and so on and, in the end, the house is just like any other “traditional” house. They are slightly cheaper, faster to build and ecofriendly. My question is: do they last? I mean, could my grandsons inherit such a house from me and actually decide it is worth keeping or will it be falling apart in 50 years from now?? And after 100 years? I mean, renovation will be needed well before 50y, obviously, but what about the main structure?

    Sorry if I’m totally off-topic but I saw the wooden frame and it came to mind. A BIG thank you for anyone who answers me!

    • Oh thank you @Ing! I think you mean “prefab”? Those can have some serious dream home potential! Check out these guys or this actually might help.

      I however am no expert with how long they actually last. I know of a lot of wooden framed houses that are older than 100 years and the structure is still in strong, and this house is over 350 years old and still standing (although a bit wonky! ha).

  • Shannon

    I too am enjoying the house remodel posts. Having lived many yrs in the San Fernando Valley, it looks all very familiar. My question is regarding the kitchen area that has already been upgraded vs removing the laundry room wall. Will you just extend/add cabinets and marble counters without damage to existing?

    Look forward to the next update.

    • Hi Shannon, Yes! We left a bit of space between the wall and the cabinets so taking it down shouldn’t harm that at all. (fingers crossed). If we knew were going to do this phase of the renovation so soon we would have waited to do it all at the same time, which would have obviously been more ideal. The original plan was to do the major renovation (adding the bathroom, bedroom, & laundry room) way further down the road, but after being in the space and living in chaos for a while, we changed our minds and just wanted to push thought to get it all done while we have the guys here. The wall should come down pretty soon so I will keep you posted. 🙂

  • ing

    Thank you for your kind reply!! This “beware guide” in your second link helped a lot:

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