Family was the driving force behind my entire tabletop collection for Lulu and Georgia (my son helped me design this tiger print). All of the dinnerware, in fact, is a nod to a simple white bowl with a little flat handle I used at my grandma’s. As a kid, I thought it was so cool. I was like, ‘Why don’t all bowls have handles?’ So I just went and put handles on all of our dishes! They’ve been our everyday dinnerware for months now…and everyone likes the extra grip that comes in handy when you’re carrying it from the island to the dining table. 

I often say that dinnertime and sharing a meal is a “sacred ritual.” Knowing I’ll be a part of that and people’s homes in that way is really special. 



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candelabra//shapeshifter dinner plate//shapeshifter salad plate//dining table//dining chair//shapeshifter cereal bowl

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