Art brings a room to life. Sometimes, art can provide a starting point, while other times, it’s the finishing touch.

Sculptural wall art is a way to bring an extra dimension to a living space. It brings the art off the walls and into the interior. Especially with a muted pallet, the spotlight is placed on the dimensional art pieces.

My inspiration folder is endless and has been a great source for my atelier art pieces. I am sharing some of my recent saves below, and wait until you see what’s in my shopping cart! Like this ceramic and fiber piece, a wall installation, and this copper and marble piece! Swooning.

shop sculptural wall art:

photo credits:

01// sarah sherman samuel photographer daniel peters 02// art olivia cognet photo michael allen creative 03// art anissa kermiche photo kensington leverne 04// art carpenter studio home photo jess lee carpenter 05// art mary little studio designer mrm studio interiors photo sam frost studio 06// art studio eline baas home simone haag 07// dorothe emeilichzon for montesol experimental 08// kelly wearstler 09// montana labelle 10// partisans architecture 11// ysv mag

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