I have the first (and currently only) room I have designed from top to bottom in our #samuelfamilyfixer and today I am sharing our plans!  It’s just a pint size room but it’s going to pack a punch, as I think every powder room should, right? Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery put me up to the challenge of designing our new (old) powder bath to be inspired around the summer season and I gladly accepted.

First lets take a look and what we are starting with.



When I thought of summer, I thought about the ultimate summer, and it took me back a few years to a vacation Rupe and I took to the south of France. We had been there a couple of summers in a row and spent most of the time in Provence but we took a day trip to Cassis and it was heavenly. In my mind, nothing says summer more than a packed out day at the beach and I took that day in Cassis and translated into our little powder room.

Before I left LA, I went to my local Ferguson showroom to pick out all the bathroom fixtures. I do a lot of online shopping but it is SO nice to get into a showroom and touch and feel allll the faucets and fixtures.

And to see so many in one place. Ferguson really does have the best selection. Above is the wall of faucets that I went through and picked from. Once I had a few of my favorite pieces I sat down with a Ferguson sales associate (hi Hannah) and she helped round out my selections by showing coordinating pieces and other options that were along the same lines as the pieces I was gravitating towards.

After I got home from the showroom Hannah sent me all the specifications and images of each of the products digitally so I could get to designing the rest of the space. Being a very visual person, I like to drag all the products into a mood board, move things around, and pull in different wallpaper options to see what fits best. From there I made my final selects.


Keeping my ‘summer in Cassis’ inspiration in mind, I decided to bring in Terrazzo tile on the floor to mimic the rocky beach. The wood wash stand brings in the warm sand color, in addition to bringing another natural element into the space and the round mirror is a nod to the big round sun. The room is tiny and with no natural light so I wanted to keep it as light as possible. The wallpaper from MuralsWallpaper is full of personality but still bright and the crowded faces were perfect to reflect all those Frenchies (and tourists) flocking to the beach.

Sources: DXV Wash Stand/Sink Console from Ferguson // DXV Sink from Ferguson // DXV Faucet from Ferguson // DXV Toilet from Ferguson // Round Mirror from Ferguson // Wallpaper from MuralsWallpaper // Pendant Lamp from Barnaby Lane // Terrazzo Tile from Concrete Collaborative

  • Amy @ Love On Sunday

    I love that you are drawing inspiration from your vacation. The terrazzo tile is perfect! What a beautiful way to remember your travels 🙂

  • Kelli Hillard

    I really appreciate the detailed inspiration giving us a glimpse into your creative process. It’s like Sarah’s Design 101 class. Love this project!!

    • sarah

      Thank you! I think it’s so important to find inspiration outside of Pinterest 😂. To be inspired by the abstract can be way more interesting. X

  • Taided

    Amazing! What program do you use for your mood boards?

  • Laurielulu

    WOW…..so admire this style. Kind of shaking that this is the only room planned. I’m sure you have images in your mind?Right?

    • sarah

      Haha yes! I have directions for each room just not fully executed designs. Hopefully soon!!

  • Monica

    You always find the coolest sources! What a great start to your home renovations 🙂

  • Candess

    So excited to watch you transform your house! I just love your style and you seem like such a lovely person!

  • So great to see your house come into being…we bought a fixer in the spring that is related to yours…like, your Southern bayou boondocks fixer cousin. 🤣 We have lots of the same elements like wood accent walls, clerestory windows, skylights, etc…and some seriously wonky 70s/80s shit too. MANY of my design choices have ended up being heavily influenced by you and the Emily mountain project .So dreamy. I love knowing my baby has “relatives” out there!

  • Stephanie

    Great design! So fun and whimsical. (Also love the shoes.)

  • Kate

    What great execution of the Cassis image. Spot on! Even the faces—wow!

  • […] left LA we teamed up with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery to re-design this tiny powder room and take it from a dated downer to a summer inspired, modern loo.  If you missed the inspiration […]

  • Camille GUIKAS

    I am a big fan of your work Sarah. I am looking for inspiration for my dining room’s chairs so I decided to have a look at your older posts. Very happy to see you’re talking about Cassis as I am from this small village! Best regards, Camille.

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