real-talk-childcareThe #realmomseries continues and this week we are all talking about childcare. We touched on childcare in our working topic, a while back and as Archer keeps growing and changing so has our childcare situation although not that much (see what our childcare situation looked like when Archie was less than a year, here).

We still have the same nanny we’ve had from when Archer was just a few months old. We were super fortunate to find someone we loved the first time around. We found her through a friends nanny who recommended her.
Arch is 2 years old now so at the moment we’re waiting to hear if he has gotten into any of the preschools we have applied for but he won’t be eligible to go until September (learn more about what we looked for in a preschool here). In the meantime we are sticking with our current childcare routine which is this…

We bumped our nanny up from 2 weekdays to 3.5 weekdays so I have archer to myself one full weekday as well as half of another day. Archer is currently sleeping 2 hour naps in the afternoon and 12 hours at night, so I am still always working through naps as well as after his bedtime, on the regular. Saturday’s have become by default a work day for me as well since I have rupert at home to watch Archie and then we spend Sunday together as a family.

I feel pretty lucky to be able to work from home, and although my studio is growing with two employees now besides me, I love being close to archer while he is so young. Of course it has its disadvantages like at certain times of the day when Archie only wants mama and I end up having to either sneak out to the office or just take a “mama mama” meltdown head on.
One great advantage of working so close to my childcare provider is that over time I was able to see first hand so much of how she cares for Archie and that’s how I am able to leave him in her care with confidence that he is in good hands.

While we struck gold with our nanny we are not doing so hot in the nighttime babysitter front. On the rare occasion my husband and I do leave the house at night we have our nanny watch Archie but we are completely at her mercy. If she isn’t available we have no one else to call. In two years we’ve never left Archie with anyone but her or ourselves! At what age do you start letting high school students or people from babysitting services come in at night? Lord knows it would be a lot cheaper. I remember when I was 13 and I babysat my neighbors kids. They had a toddler and a newborn!! What on earth were they thinking?! Haha looking back i’m just happy everyone survived. But, it also makes me realize how nuts we are that two years have gone by and we haven’t sought out any other kind of childcare. How do you do it and do you have any tips on introducing a new babysitter, even if it’s just for one night? Gosh it sucks to not have family around especially when you have a small child.

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  • ugh. I know the feeling. We are fortunate enough that we live near my parents so they are the nanny for us. but its hard when you need days and nights from the same person so i sympathize with you there. Also I hear that for highschoolers the pay rate is at least a dollar per grade. much different than back in the day!

    • sarah

      No joke! The neighbor with the 2 kids paid me $5 an hour and I thought that was good 😂

  • Our situation is so similar! And our babies are just a few days apart, I think… We don’t have family in town either, so we rely on our nanny. I thought finding a babysitter would be easy before our daughter was born. But we had one bad experience early on and it left us trusting our nanny only. I’m hesitant to invite someone over who hasn’t come recommended now. Hoping to find backups so we can go out on more date nights again!

  • During the day I still have Em with me full-time while I make every attempt to work (at nearly sixteen months), and I actually really struggle with the nighttime sitters too. Very rarely do we go out and do anything without her in the evenings or on weekends. In some ways that’s nice, but in other ways it feels really limiting when something pops up!

  • Hello Sarah,

    I love following your beautiful style, fashion, design posts. I remodeled my garage into a working studio with your inspiration. I’ll email you photos. It is beautiful with a mid century twist and I am able to be near my 2 kids when they are home from school and their zillions of activities. We try hard to keep it mellow, but they are excited and involved in all the usual sports, ballet, theater, science olympiad, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc!

    Ok—-so my kids are older. My son Leo is 11 and daughter Ella is 8. But I certainly feel you in wanting to make sure your kids are content and happy while you and your husband go out to relax! It is on going———I still look for a sitter who is either wise beyond their years and have parents in the neighborhood or a mature adult who the kids are exciting in playing games with and who will make sure bed time is calm and on time-ish. But for toddlers, it is important to have sitters who understand why toddlers do what they do and one who will use your schedule, techniques and structure to make them feel secure. We live in San Diego and are not too far from Nazarene Univ. where there are a lot of sweet college students who really don’t party and have availability on weekends. I find one I like and try to book them one Sat a month. That way I know I’m covered for at least one date night a week. I also have them come play and sit while I’m around, so everyone becomes comfortable. Costs a bit more and is time consuming, but has worked well for us!! Good luck with your sweet little pumpkin!
    All my best, Karen Evenson

  • Stephanie

    I had a fill-in nanny last week and after a number of small mishaps, I realized I needed to make a “guide” for our family with two kids (3 year-old & 5 month-old). If you can figure out an agency, that’s the best and most reliable for short notice. In Pasadena/SGV, we have a company called Meredith & Co and it’s been a lifesaver

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