cabin-paintingNo one ever told me how much painting goes into a renovation… I mean, I knew there was going to be a lot of it but looking back through my photos made me realize just how much painting we have done and we aren’t even finished yet! Literally every surface of the place has or will get a new lick of paint. I look forward to painting the bathroom and the bedroom on our next trip and then hopefully that will be the last of it! Here is a look at what colors we have been using over the last few months.

cabin-paint-colorsIn our house in LA we have different wall colors in every room, so for the cabin I wanted to mix it up and keep everything fairly minimal by painting it all the same “whisper gray” color. I love the how bright and open it makes our little beach house feel. We have painted the walls, ceiling, doors, windowsills, trim, and the fireplace all the same whisper gray color. The only contrast to that is the inside of the front door that we painted the charcoal color “gargoyle shadow”. We plan to paint the bathroom walls that charcoal color on our next trip too. While we are out there we also have to bring out the “whisper gray” all over again for the bedroom as it is freshly drywalled and waiting for paint. ooohheee can’t wait.

  • Nicole H

    Hello! Love the cabin!! What kind of paint finishes did you use on the walls vs trim? We want to paint our place all the same color and I am stuck on the different finishes to use (egghell, Satin, Semi-Gloss). Thank you!

  • Nicole H

    Sarah – Thank you so much!!!

    • Susie Q

      Hi Sarah, I would also LOVE to learn which finishes you used for walls vs doors & trim..?? Thank you ever so kindly!

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