You may have already seen on my Instagram but Acura recently loaned me a new MDX to test out for a couple weeks and it was so great having a brand new car with all the bells and whistles for the many trips to and from Palm Springs we have been taking lately. We got sight of the finish line on the A-frame construction and have been working hard to add all the final details to create our getaway from the city…. our creative hideaway.

I’ve always found so much inspiration from Palm Springs over the years (which is why we bought the A-frame) and I often get an email from friends or blog readers that want to know my go-to spots in the desert so I’ve finally put together a little guide! But first, a few things I loved about the MDX…

1. FOUR USB ports! Currently my own car doesn’t even have one. I have to use the USB car adaptor that just recently went out on me and I found myself in the middle of nowhere LA once where my phone (aka my map) died while it was plugged in! I had to follow the sun and just keep heading west in hopes I would eventually get to the ocean or come across a street I recognized. Anyway, maps on my phone and being able to listen to podcasts is an everyday essential and with the Acura MDX even when I ride in the backseat with Archie (he still faces backwards in the car seat) I have my own personal USB port. It is the little things.

2. The space! Right now I drive a similar sized SUV but somehow the Acura feels like it has SO much more space without feeling much larger. There are two back rows of seating which is handy when you have a giant car seat and want to be able to fit more people. Also both rows fold down to create a huge cargo space which we utilized in a big way on our last few trips to the A-frame running to the hardware store every day or two.

3. Another feature I liked to use in all the LA traffic was when you are on the highway and if you put your blinker on to change lanes the car automatically detects whether there is a car hidden in your blind spot or not. It gives a little beep and a small light lights up by the side-view mirror to let you know not to change lanes just yet.

4. The color: I know this sounds superficial when talking about cars but as a designer I can’t not care about the color and I love loved the Ivory color. It isn’t a stark white but a warm ivory and that subtle shift makes all the difference! Also the interior had tan leather and some natural wood accents so based on my aesthetic the car was basically made for me.

And now back to Palm Springs and all the places we hit in the MDX…

We finally spent our first night in the A-frame a couple weeks ago. It is habitable but over the year of construction we stayed in SO MANY hotels. Here is a list of our faves.


1. Korakia – but heads up, no kids allowed (second photo)
2. The Ace
3. The Parker – (first photo) the grounds can’t be beat
4. 2 Bunch Palms – *located in desert hot springs


1. Cheeky’s – best brunch but there is always a wait
2. Birba – best drinks
3. Workshop
4. Kings Highway – our go-to for casual breakfast, lunch, or dinner (Monday’s are bingo night)
5. Mr. Lions – feels like an old school Hollywood steakhouse


1. Moorten botanical garden
2. The Aerial Tramway
3. Road trip to Joshua Tree (I like hanging around the north entrance the most if you are short on time)
4. Road trip to Salvation Mountain
5. Pool time – of course!
6. Drive around and gawk at the gorgeous mid-century homes. The Instagram famous pink door house is at 1100 E. Sierra Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264, and if you drive around that hood you can find plenty more beautiful houses.

and finally if you drive north out of town on North Indian Canyon Drive you can pull over for the most epic sunset.

Thanks to Acura for lending me the MDX and for sponsoring this post. This was my personal review of the vehicle, all thoughts and ideas are my own. 

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