Is it just me, or does it seem like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are closer together this year? Maybe I have too much going on, and everything seems to go by so quickly! Anyway, I’m excited to celebrate our Rupert and all the fathers in our lives. I put together a few things I am eyeing for Rupe.

How fun is this ping-pong set? You can attach it to a dining room table or even a picnic table! We love games in our house, and this would be so fun to take to our new lake house (!!!).

Speaking of games, here is the prettiest chessboard table you’ve ever seen! And a new shirt or two is always a good idea, that is, if he will actually wear them hah

This year, I definitely have my mind on our lake house because this bucket cooler would be so useful to carry to the beach or have out on the porch. The same goes for this pretty folding chair (also useful for all these sports games we now have—yes, we are sports parents now!) and this lantern the kids would love to carry down to the beach or have lit on the porch on long summer nights. And a portable tabletop grill?! Did we know these existed?

Lastly, I can promise at least one father in your life could use a new wallet, and this one is solid enough to last years and years. Everyone loves an engaging coffee table book, and this one looks stunning. And what does dad love more than a framed photo of him with one of his babies? I plan to frame the photo you see to the left. Isn’t it the sweetest?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and dads at heart!

burlwood picture frame// ping pong game set// travertine chess side table// striped shirt// lantern// canvas button up// ski maps book// yeti cooler bucket// tabletop grill// leather wallet// folding stool

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