It is family room share time! This is the room we live in the most which is ironic because while we lived here for 6 months before the renovation, no one wanted to spend one minute in it. It sat empty, save for a rug, and was used just as a passageway from the kitchen to the living room. Before we renovated the room was closed off from the kitchen and the archways didn’t exist. It felt kind of like a bunker as there wasn’t one window or view outside, with the only exception of the skylight above.

Now that it is open to the kitchen and with the implementation of a few strategic openings it has become the central hub. Knowing this would be the case I wanted all the furniture in this space to be extra comfortable and since I usually gravitate towards more tailored or sculptural furniture I had a hard time finding pieces that were just as beautiful as comfortable. SO, I set out to design my own. The sofa that is (well the rug and the coffee table are also my own designs but I will touch on those later).

When I looked for a partner to build my dream sink-right-into TV watching, sunday napping sofa I immediately thought of Clad Home since they made the incredible sofa which we had in our Palm Springs A-frame and then moved to the rental house while we renovated and is now currently in the basement living room. I would have used it in here but it was way too long for this space. Anyway, the sofa the made for the A-frame was one they already carried, called The Melrose, which you are able to easily make customizations to and order right from their site but I also knew they had the capabilities to make something entirely custom. And while that may seem like a daunting feat to some, they made it incredibly easy so I am going to share a bit about the process.

First thing first,  I sent them a sketch and explained what I wanted. I gave them overall dimensions, arm width back height, seat height, cushion construction and count etc. and they came back with a more detailed drawing for approval. My idea was to make a deep sofa, that had modern lines but one that still looked like you could melt into the cushions. I also knew I wanted to use a performance velvet and juxtapose the more lux feeling of velvet with the relaxed look of a slipcovered sofa. Spoiler it isn’t actually a slipcover it just looks like one. OH and one key component I knew not to pass up was their Trillium Fill option. The cushions weigh a ton but that is what makes them something you want to dive into.

Once the sofa plan was approved they were in communication and sent me some photos of the frame along with some clarifying questions.

I was able to then specify exactly where I wanted the piping and what size as we got right down to the nitty gritty details.

When it came to choosing the fabric I turned to my go-to Fabricut for their performance velvet Foreign Affair in the color Amberjack. This fabric has so far held up to everything two dogs and two kids could throw at it. Yogurt, popsicles, melted chocolate, mud, you name it. It all scrubs right off with a just wet paper towel. The fabric is even bleachable although I haven’t even had to go that far yet.

A month or so later, they delivered the sofa and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Clad Home’s price points are also very competitive so I was able to get my dream sofa for less or the same as some of my favorite off the shelf sofas. Also I love that they are made right there in LA and by working with them I’m supporting a small US business.

Since I worked with them they have started a new Custom Concierge Program for those wanting to order “off the menu”, like myself, where they pair you up with a dedicated Clad Home designer to walk you through every step of the custom furniture design and ordering process. Now if ordering a fully custom sofa still sounds intimidating to you never fear! Clad home has tons of options where you can pick a base model like I did at the A-frame.  

You simply select the model then with easy drop down menus, you choose layout, fabric, size, cushion style, fill, leg style and finish and boom you have your perfectly customized sofa in the cart.

They have over 100 fabrics to choose from and they also recently started carrying the exact Foreign Affair Velvet from Fabricut that I used so if you had your eye on that dreamy goldenrod velvet you are in luck. They also added the sofa to their assortment which you can find here.

To round out our cozy family/TV room… I snagged these amazing chairs from France & Son, had pop pop make another version of my own coffee table design (which you might remember I also had one made for Mandy Moore’s family room. And for those of you waiting for them to come to market, you might be in luck in 2021!) and then anchored it all with my own rug design as well (available exclusively through Lulu & Georgia). Our TV is hidden behind that beautiful Kudd Krig Home Tapestry which we simple roll up by hand and clip on the sides when we want to watch the TV. The Media Console is one more SSS design (how many can I fit in one space? ha can’t stop won’t stop). See the DIY  here to the Ikea hack where I used my Sarah Sherman Samuel beaded doors for Semihandmade and round wood feet to customize it.

Photos by Stoffer Photography

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