If I had a nickel for every time someone asked for the DIY instructions on this media cabinet… I would have a lot of nickels. SO here we are in my family room and I am sharing how this came together. The TV cabinet is made up of Ikea media units, my Sarah Sherman Samuel Beaded doors for Semihandmade and some DIY legs for yet another IKEA hack. This one might be my all time favorite though.

To give you a little context in the space, this is the view of the family room from standing at the kitchen island. This is the room/rooms where we spend the most of our time (our TV is behind that tapestry). I love this angle because you can get a little better idea of scale. The arched doorway is 8′ high. Even with the soaring ceilings I wanted this space to feel cozy, so I still installed the media cabinet low to the ground. Low and loungey… which is the opposite of what you might think to do with such a tall ceiling. The TV is hung just above the cabinet so it is at eye level when you are siting down. The tapestry that hangs over the TV measures 4′ x 6′. It works great to cover the TV when it is not in use, but I hung it there more for scale than anything. The TV is much too small to carry the height of this wall and by using the super tall tapestry above the low media cabinet it brings the eye up. When we want to watch TV we simply roll the tapestry up by hand and clip it at each side just above the TV.

And now onto how we made the cabinet.

2 Ikea Besta media units
4 sets of hinges
4 suspension rails
these toggle bolts
4 Sarah Sherman Samuel for Semihandmade beaded doors (23 5/8″x 15″ size)
2 sets of these  6” wood balls (4 total)
hardware of choice (mine are prototypes I had made while developing my wood hardware line. These ones are not available yet).

And now onto how we made the cabinet.

Step 1: Assemble the Ikea Besta Units.

Step 2: Line them up against the wall for placement. We used stacks of tile to rest the besta units on at the height we desired and then marked the wall for drill placement.

Step 3: We used these toggle bolts to attach the suspension rail to the wall.

Step 4: Follow Ikea instructions to attach Besta unit to the wall.

Step 5: Using an orbital sander with 100 grit sand paper, I sanded down the wood balls to create a flat plain on the top and the bottom. To get the flat plain hold the orbital sander as still as possible and let it do the work. Then flip it over to create the flat spot on the opposite side. Our floors aren’t level so I would sand a bit, test it out, sand a bit, test it out until they were the right height. Secure to the unit with a long screw from the inside of the unit.

Step 6: Attach hinges to the doors. Semihandmade doors come pre-drilled to fit Ikea hinges.

Step 7: Attach doors to the unit. (I can’t believe how small clover is here! )

Step 8: Install hardware of choice

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Ikea Media Cabinet DIY using SSS Beaded Semihandmade doors // Arches Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu & Georgia // Tapestry by Kudd Krig home // Lamp by Eny lee Parker // Wood Wall Squiggle by Katie Gong // White Planter by CB2 // Lounge Chairs by France & Son // Sofa I had custom made by Clad Home, upholstered in Fabricut S.Harris performance velvet Color Amberjack // Wall Sconce by Allied Maker // Leather Bench by Barnaby Lane // Side Table from Lulu & Georgia // Wall Paint color is “pure white” by Sherwin Williams

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