cabin living roomLooky looky… there are some new pics of our cabin over on Design Sponge today! Since everything is still in the works, I haven’t really compared where we are now in the renovation to where we started. Having the “before and after” photos (“after” really being more like “in progress”) right next to each other, it is so nice to see how far we have come! See the feature here.

I have more photos and full living room & bedroom updates coming up, so make sure to check back here for all of the details. How cute is that Donna Wilson Badger pillow?!

To see all of the progress on the cabin we’ve made since the beginning look here.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

  • Bea

    So excited for you, Sarah! Looking at all of the before & after shots on design sponge really shows how your vision for this cute cabin has nicely turned into reality!

  • Anne

    Amazing transformation all done with your bare hands. Congrats you crafty lady!

  • I have been following your cabin reno for a while and I cannot believe how beautiful it has turned out! Congrats! As a fellow former-Michigander (I am from the Sterling Heights and my husband from Grand Rapids) I am truly inspired! Maybe one day in the future I can follow suit.


    • Thank you Lauren! It’s so nice to hear you’ve enjoyed following along. Always good to hear from another with Michigander roots. 🙂

  • sara

    where is the couch from?

    • Hey Sara, the couches were left over from the previous owner so I’m not really sure! I know crate & barrel had a similar one.


    My bags are packed… it’s beautiful and the design is so intimate and personal. Oh, and I love the badger pillow… swoon.

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