dessert table // sss baby shower I am so thrilled to be able to share photos from the most beautiful baby shower I have ever been to and even more excited because it was MINE! ha, I still can’t believe it. I have to say I have never had a party planned in my honor (post age 6ish) where I didn’t plan it myself or contribute. I have always been the planner and the crafter and the doer, but with this one my friends kept me completely in the dark, all I had to do was show up and pick my jaw up off the floor after I took in all the sweet details of the day.

Of course it helps when one of the hosts of the shower is Amanda from 100 Layer Cake, clearly she knows a thing or two about throwing a party and just wait until you see her gorgeous kitchen! Also co-hosting were a handful of my talented friends that each brought their own expertise to make this a picture perfect fete…

sarah sherman samuel // baby shower // invitationsAudrey from Urbanic co-hosted and helped with invitations, of course…

sarah sherman samuel // baby shower kitchen // sss baby shower sss baby shower Lauren, founder of Walnut Animal Society was another co-host. She makes those adorable stuffed animals (fox and raccoon above), so she is also basically queen bee crafter. She made most all of the decor, felt garland, stuff animals, and secretly worked with my dad to create those wooden blocks and all the wooden animals that double as super special toys for baby samuel.

sss baby shower fireplace // sss baby shower

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drinks // sss baby shower drinks // sss baby shower Jillian was on cocktail duty, how beautiful are those glasses!

this manicure! // sss baby shower SSS_BABYSHOWER_239AND THE FOOD! I lucked out having TWO amazing foodie / chefs as friends. Julie from Julie’s Kitchen and Anne from Food Mechanic made the most beautiful spread and it was as delicious to the mouth as it was to the eyes. 🙂

dessert table // sss baby shower Kristina did all the gorgeous flowers AND homemade that toffee (my fave!).

dessert table // sss baby shower I still can’t get over that dessert table. So simple and so elegant. I am definitely taking notes for my next party.

shower game // sss baby shower The ladies invited Rupe over at the end of the party for a hilarious game of “Mama or Dada” where we would read a statement from our past and everyone would have to guess if the statement was true for Rupert or for me. For example… “Johnny Knoxville peed on my foot”, and thankfully that was true for Rupert, not me. 🙂 It made for some pretty hilarious and revealing moments.

SSS_BABYSHOWER_751The shower was also featured over on 100 layer cakelet yesterday where you can see more photos of Amanda’s gorgeous house and get all the noteworthy details! Check it out here.

Photography: Jessie Webster | Creative direction and shower venue: Amanda Dawbarn of 100 Layer Cake | Event Planning: Amanda Dawbarn, Audrey WoollenLauren Bradshaw | Florals: Kristina Meltzer of 100 Layer Cake | Invitations: concept – Audrey Woollen, design: Amanda and Audrey, printing:Spark Letterpress | Decor and stuffed animals: Lauren Bradshaw | Catering: Julie Lee and Anne Zuelke | Cake: Sheila Mae | Cocktails: Jillian Clark of 100 Layer Cake and Jaimi Brooks | Serveware, candle holders, dining table: CB2 | Dinnerware, flatware and glassware rentals: Borrowed Blu | Favors: Anne Zuelke

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