My fabric and wallpaper collection came from my love of layering and mixing patterns. Stripes are an essential element to have in any designer’s arsenal. They can give interest in a minimalist space or be the perfect grounding pattern to mix with others in a maximalist space. I hand-painted most patterns in the collection before converting them to digital art to preserve the irregularities and imperfections you get from a human hand. The Tiger pattern is the anchor, a collaboration between my then 6 year old son Archie. He had drawn the tigers, which I was so taken with; I then mimicked his style to create the trees, brought them into Illustrator, cleaned them up a bit, and made a repeat pattern.

How do you feel about mixing patterns?

painterly stripe pillow// velvet ball pillow// tiger bolster pillow// checker velvet pillow// painterly stripe pillow// velvet disc pillow

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