Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of (the new additions to my Lulu and geogia collection) them all? I love a good statement mirror.

Here’s what’s new:  full length sizes in the rook and ripple. A  charcoal color for the rook and puddle. An anastasia mantel. And a new ripple round in oak.

A statement mirror is an instant focal point for a room. And a quick fix to add texture, light and contrast. I am here for all the shapes and sizes and forms!

See and shop some of my favorite recent mirror saves below.



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photo credits:

01// sarah sherman samuel 02// bower studios photography charlie schuck 03// kelly wearstler photographer ingalls photo mirror: jean baptiste fastrez 04// maia homes 05// nicholas obeid ronenlev isleofus photographer william.jess.laird 06// sam orlando miller gallery fumi 07// the 1818 collective photographer nicole franzen 08// vdecotiis photographer martin morrell 09// virginia sin 10// ysg studio mirror: rachel donath 11// Zoe feldman design photographer stacy zarin goldberg 12// hotel peter and paul 13

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