may 2013May was a busy month. I pretty much had to tear myself away from the computer and an ever growing to-do list in order to take some time to rest and reset. Sometimes taking a few steps (or days) away from work is all you need to be even more productive when you return. A few highlights from this month were, our weekend of fun in the the sun at Korakia in Palm Springs, prop shopping for various shoots in LA and Ojai, and getting away to the cabin.

My work on the cabin was also featured on a couple of my favorite sites this month. Check it out on A Cup of Jo and Remodelista.

Images by me via instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • So maybe this seems like a silly question, but, you live in LA and the cabin is in MIchigan? Do you fly there every time you go? Seems like you’re there frequently enough, it must be expensive every time? I mean this in the nicest way, just simply curious since it seems so far. Am I wrong???

    (Reader from Canada 🙂

    •, Oh yes it is pretty far. Driving isn’t really an option since it would mean at least 4 days on the road. The flight is just a short 3.5 hours though, so it goes quick. 🙂 We usually try to fly at off times or use frequent flyer miles for tickets so it isn’t too too expensive.

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