ace-hotel-sarahshermansamuelOur first getaway with the little man was a success! We stayed at the Ace and despite the bumping party music, Archer slept like a champ. Rupert and I, however, barely slept at all and couldn’t stop obsessing over his temperature in the night. Was he too hot? was he too cold? is he cooing in his sleep or is he awake? etc. etc. Meanwhile he was clueless and slept through the night with no problems. Rupe and I are still working on the whole relaxing into parenting thing.

palm-springs-sarahshermansamuelparker-palmsprings-sarahshermansamuelWe spent an afternoon at The Parker having brunch at Norma’s and walking around the beautiful grounds (Archie had nap time in the lounge area)…

palmsprings-pool-partythe ace hotel palm springsand we ended the weekend with a pool party, at our friends house, complete with ping pong, tacos, and popsicles.

Photos by me via iPhone and instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

Top photo sources: My dress from Lulu’s // Shoes from J.Crew // Hat (unknown) find similar here

  • Fun times! That first pic with the rope decor is amazing!

  • Haha, on our first night of vacation with my one year old I was a nervous wreck all night too, cursing every loud motorbike or plane that went past. And then at 4.30am the roosters got up and so did the dogs. Michael slept through like a champ, of course.

  • Megan

    Love these pictures and your adorable outfits. I wish I looked half as good as you after having a baby! Can you share more about what you did in Palm Springs with a baby? Did you mostly just relax? I’m taking my two month old to stay at the Parker in early June and being our first trip I am a little nervous!

  • Nataly

    Wow palm springs just looks amazing!

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