mandy moore master bath // sarah sherman samuel

Happy New Year! I’m really excited to share another room design and progress from our Moore project. The house is getting to it’s final stages and this is the last bathroom of the three in the home. It is the master bath, complete with a serious statement marble slab shower, custom vanity area and a bathtub fit for a queen, or rather Mandy Moore… close enough, am I right? ;).

Before we talk about all the beautiful finishes that are going into the space lets take a look back where we started.

The master bathroom was another portion of the home that fell prey to the 90’s renovation. There isn’t much in here that reflects mid-century or modern but they did make it pretty large so we had some decent room to play. First, everything had to go… especially the carpet.

We replaced the flooring throughout the entire house with poured terrazzo floors, which you can kind of see in this photo just under where the vanity will be mounted. Speaking of the vanity, this is a tiny glimpse into how it is going to look (sans drawers) and we are topping it off with a thick marble slab and backsplash.

On the other side of the bathroom we have the funky round addition…

To get this space to reflect the rest of the home’s architecture, we tore it all out. And I mean all of it.

The entire wall came down in order to take out the curve and to square off the room, so now it is looking something like this…

And since we squared it off, we were able to also extend the shower from a tiny phone booth sized shower to a larger master shower. Below is a look at the shower before,

And then after we squared off the foundation and extended it…

already so much better. But wait, there’s more! It is a personal home goal of mine to have an all slab shower so I was really excited when Mandy was into the idea as well and we found a stunning slab at Stoneland on our marble shopping excursion,  just got installed and now the shower is reeeally shaping up.

It is all taped off here because they were painting but I also snapped a few photos just before to swoon over.

marble slab shower mandy moore// sarah sherman samuelStunning right? And if that wasn’t enough, you have to see how the marble floor of the shower sits next to the terrazzo, especially with that brass (pardon the dust).

Do you have shower envy as bad as me right now?

So, let’s get back to the finishes:

mandy moore master bath // sarah sherman samuelIn that new bath nook we are doing a gorgeous freestanding tub and chandelier combination from Wayfair that is a little more glam than the rest of the house and it is the perfect place to do it. All the brass plumbing fixtures/faucets are from Rejuvenation, they are solid brass and I love that you can feel the weight of them. I am using the croft mirrors from CB2 for the second time because they are so perfect (you might remember them from the modernism week room) and I got the fancy toilet and sinks from The Mine.

As for the vanity side… we will be continuing the marble from the shower with a good presence of it on the vanity wall as well. You can get a glimpse of it here from the day they were installing the plumbing.

So good right? I wouldn’t kick those brass fixtures out of bed either.

And finally, here is a look at how that vanity will look once finished. I can hardly wait.

To see more on the Mandy Moore Residence check here.

Sources: Chandelier from Wayfair // Bathtub from Wayfair  // Sink Faucet from Rejuvenation // Sink Drain from Rejuvenation // Bathtub Fill from Rejuvenation // Shower Trim from Rejuvenation // Sinks from The Mine // Toilet from The Mine // Mirrors from CB2 // Toilet Paper Holder from Analogue Life // Sconces from Candleabra // Ottoman from Modshop  // Marble Slab from Stoneland // Bath Towel from Amber Interiors // Floor Mat from DesignWithinReach

  • wow, looks awesome!

  • I’m dead. This is seriously amazing!

  • Lauren W

    I love the terrazzo colors! Can you tell us more about it?

    • sarah

      Yes! Was just thinking I need to do a post on it. I shared a bunch of the process on Instagram stories but if course it’s gone so will do!

  • SERIOUS case of shower envy!

  • I have that toilet paper holder! It’s so beautiful—makes going to the bathroom everyday a joy! (:

    excited to hear more about the terrazzo floors! I have a bonus room that might be perfect for terrazzo….

  • Keely

    Oh I could stare at this bathroom all day! What a lucky girl Mandy is! And the floors! Oh please do a post on them!

  • Francesca

    It amazing! I would expect no less… ok now have I flattered you enough to come design my house? Hehe jk (but not really), This is really stunning, great job.

  • The best, as always! So beautiful!

  • emily jane

    omg, that marble! it’s moving -spiritually… in all seriousness, a hushed silence settled around me as I stared at the shower (pulled back picture) while one image after the other emerged from the organic patterns in the marble -each one stirring new emotion (was almost like watching a dance performance..?). wonderful!

  • Keely

    I feel like a total Instagram stalker these days, literally on edge waiting for a new post on Mandy’s house! Ha! You are truly creating a work of art, and I so appreciate how you keep us all informed on the progress! It’s so fun to follow along!

  • Rachel

    Hello Sarah! We are renovating our Mid-Century house and I’m having problems choosing the doors knobs! Our floor is going to be grayish terrazo, the ceilings oak wood, the doors teak, the kitchen white and the table tops (kitchen and bathrooms) calacatta marble! Ah the fixtures crome… so what color would you choose for the door knobs? Satin brass or Satin silver?? Please help me!

    • sarah

      Hello Rachel! To be honest, I am not a fan of silver…so I would say the brass. Chrome tends to stand out, so adding the brass to tie in together with the natural wood might brings things together.

  • Holy *&^* that shower! and the brass and terrazzo too. wow!

  • Jenny Taylor

    Absolutely breathtaking. Can you just come over and remodel my home too?

  • Bathroom remodeling designs including walls with matching gold tab & others accessories are amazing than the precious & look fabulous. The precious design looks like dull & having dirt on the wall.

  • Anita

    I just saw this now and the marble id exactly the one I have had in mind and been looking for! Can you tell me the name if this marble? The whole bathroom is simply amazing!!

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