terazzo stairs large scale terazzo floorterazzo showerTerrazzo has been around for ages but it’s made a comeback in a huge way in interiors and my love affair for the material has continued to grow. In short it’s pieces of marble, granite, quartz and sometimes glass set in polished concrete or resin and the possibilities are endless. I love it in jumbo scale like the second image above, as well as in a more subtle small scale rendition like the samples below.

Terrazzo Stairs by NOMOS – GROUPEMENT D’ARCHITECTES, image by Miguel de Guzman | Large Scale Terrazzo Floor by Area Architecture, photo by Ioanna Roufopoulou | Terrazzo Shower by Made Architects mandy-moore-house-terazzo-samplesWhich is why I am SUPER excited that we have decided to do all terrazzo floors in Mandy Moore’s house. Above are two of our favorite samples from the terrazzo guys we will be working with, we are leaning towards the darker flecks and warm tones of the bottom one but we will be coming up with our own exact mix and I cannot wait to see and share the final result.

If you aren’t doing a major renovation anytime soon but still want a little terrazzo in your life, never fear, there are so many amazing terrazzo and terrazzo-like home decor products popping up on the market. Below, I’ve rounded up a few of my faves.

terazzo pics TableLampCandle Holders  | Coffee Table | Serving Board | Pot |  Wallpaper | End Table |  Table & Floor Lamps | Table/DeskPots | Side Table

  • I never knew how much I loved terrazzo! esp as pots for plants or plates/cups. so pretty! definitely intrigued by the coffee table – such a cool design.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with terrazzo. We recently purchased my childhood home that has had the original terrazzo floors restored. But! The colors are all wrong. The base concrete is beige-y (not in a good way) and yellowing and the freshly painted walls just make the floor look nauseating. I’m really trying to embrace the terrazzo but most of me just wants to cover it all with hardwood. Otherwise, the selections you are deciding between are both beautiful!

    • sarah

      Ugh what a bummer to have terrazzo but not in a good color! I’m crying for you. Ha color can def make or break it. Maybe rugs help bridge the gap in color from floor to walls?

  • Naomi

    It feels like every public building and nearly all houses from the 60s on in my country have floors of this stone. The house my parents built had terrazzo floors because they were the cheapest. It does look interesting in the photos above, but to me it just gives flashback to ugly post-modern design. Ah, nostalgia!

  • Hi Sarah! The terrazzo samples are great! Is it possible to share the source for these?Thanks!

  • Anna

    I’ve loved terrazzo since I first saw it used in the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, and am so glad it is getting some trend love!

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  • Lara B

    We are soon to embark on our house build and I have been dreaming of full house terrazzo floors for as long as I can recall. Do you plan to post full details on your process with the Mandy Moore floors……I would die to replicate what you landed on, bravo!

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