If you’re here, reading this, I’m guessing there is a good chance that you are equally as home obsessed as I am. I started this site after finding a gem of cabin across the country while perusing house listings for a few years and then finally purchasing and renovating said cabin.  I’m never not scrolling house listings. There was one I found in Wisconsin last year that Leanne Ford and I dreamed about doing together, not because it was anywhere we wanted to be but because the house was SO damn interesting (I shamefully didn’t save the photos and it has sold). And remember how when Clover was born I lost my mind and we bought our Michigan house off the internet? Like I said, I’m never not looking. For a while last year it became my nightly wind down routine. Does anyone else do this? I know I’m not alone. I also go right into designing it from the listing, sometimes renovating and furnishing an entire house in my head. You have no idea how many houses I have “moved into” in my head all over the world.  I tell myself I do it to keep my design mind sharp, but really it is just some good ol escapism 🙂

So here we are with a new column and I am calling it, “Let’s Move In”. So I can drag you along with me as we move into dream houses all over the country. This first home takes us to sunny, dreamy Topanga, CA. Tucked up in the mountains, snug in the trees.

How incredible is this house?!!! I’m sure it is not for everyone but I would move in, in a second and if I did I would keep that Noguchi lamp just where it is (here’s a more budget friendly alternative) and bring a few more pieces along with me…


Gosh I miss that California sun right now. I wouldn’t mind waking up here. And while the Modernica bed that is already in the space suits this house JUST right. I put together a room that would feel equally at home here.


And because they have one more sitting room with the beautiful canyon views… this is what I would claim as my yoga and reading room, if I am dreaming I might as well really go there.




And you can buy this house for a cool $2.6 Mil. and then please invite me over for drinks on the deck please and thank you.





  • Loving this new series, Sarah. I do this too! Currently lusting after a funny house on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin that overlooks a river. <3

  • Amanda

    Love this!

  • Sarah

    So fun! I love this house. We’re currently designing a guest house for our wooded lot west of Austin. The exterior will be black (our main house is black cedar and limestone). I pinned your office as inspiration, and the inside will be “chic summer camp.” I had even tossed out the idea of plywood walls to our design team. Adding these images to my board!

  • Carly

    This is amazing!

  • Amy Pigliacampo

    Omg I have been stalking this house on Zillow!!!

  • Petkana

    Ohhh yes you are not alone! I renovate, design, and move into houses in my head ALL the time. Picking out a spot to have my morning coffee is always a top priority. This one is such a gem!!! Can’t wait to see more of your picks 🙂

  • This is amazing… I agree with you Let’s move in

  • Sarah, We are truly kindred spirits! I do the exact same thing looking for cool houses with character and redesigning them in my head! I’m a young Interior Designer in the Seattle area with my own blossoming business and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you as an Interior Designer that I truly look up to and admire. Your work is amazing and your life style of being a wife and mother and continuing with your career is what I am currently building in my life as well. Thank you for inspiring me and us all! Love this “Let’s Move In” article. Can’t wait for the next one!

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