gjusta // los angeles // sarah sherman samuelThis weekend my eldest sister was visiting from Florida, so we played tourist in our own town and Bugaboo invited me to share my top spots in a mini family friendly city guide, so here we go…

To Eat: my favorite pick has been Gjusta, it’s a bakery/deli/cafe by the same folks as Gjelina, so the food is incredible. You order at the counter and find a bench or milk crate outside to sit on, which isn’t the comfiest of seating arrangements, but it is that casual picnic atmosphere that makes it great to bring the whole fam.

gjusta // los angeles // sarah sherman samuelArcher has been bopping around in the Bugaboo Bee, which we love for the compact design and the bassinet option. The bassinet is so perfect for a newborn to be able to nap in comfortably, while we scoot around town.

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bugabooTo Stay: Have you guys heard of the site Kid & Coe? It is a beautifully edited home rental site that is dedicated to family friendly rentals and holy moly do they have some awesome ones. This place was just on the other side of town and was filled with beautiful art, toys and games for the kiddos, and even an indoor swing!kid & coe // superbaTo Do: Picnic! For some reason I equate family friendly with the outdoors. Maybe it is because a crying baby is a lot less noisy outside or because when I was a kid I wanted to be outside 24/7 but either way a picnic in the park is still one of my favorite pastimes. Head up to Will Rogers State Park and watch a polo game on some Sundays, hike the trails, and end with a picnic on the gorgeous green lawn.

picnic // bugaboopicnic // bugabooTo Eat & Beach: For a day at the beach we like to drive over to Playa Del Rey where the beach is never busy and you can watch the planes take off over head from LAX. Another incentive is that you can get lunch at Playa Provisions. They have a full restaurant, an ice cream parlor, a counter where you can order food to go or eat on a picnic table on the patio, and even a whiskey bar hidden away in the back (that part not so kid friendly but hey, the parents need a little break sometimes too right? ;).

playa provisions 2 // los angelesplaya-del-rey playa provisionsice creamplaya provisions // los angelesTo see more of my favorite LA spots check out the los angeles tag

Photos by Sarah Sherman Samuel 

  • holy what a beautiful place you live in! I would love a visit 😉

  • Hi Sarah,

    Big thanks for for an incredible blog! You have a fan in Finland, Scandinavia, too. 🙂 I was lucky to find your blog via Google by coincidence perhaps two years ago, and I keep coming back every once in a while. Especially now when me, my husband and a friend of ours are coming there for a holiday. I lived one year on Manhattan Beach (a paradise!), and have missed it ever since. Cannot wait to get there again.

    One question – or actually a wish: Could you possibly make a post of your favorite interior stores in LA..? I’ve kept reading and taking notes diligently, but it would be wonderful to see what are your must-visit shops; especially the ones where one can buy smaller interior / home decoration stuff (not so practical to take a sofa to a plane ;))

    Million thanks again for an inspiring blog, which always gets me in a good mood. And I love your style. You make it look so relaxed and classy at the same time. <3


    P.S. Finally found you on Instagram – looks really beautiful (as I assumed)! (Was earlier looking only with Smitten studio)

    • Hi Riika!
      Thanks for the note! and yes! I will start making a list and post on it soon. 🙂 ps I’m half Finnish! x sarah

  • Bailey

    Sarah, I love your fedora! Where’s it from?

  • This looks like the perfect long weekend!

  • Really, incredible! Well no wonder you style has strong Scandinavian vibes 🙂

    That would be super kind! <3

    Million thanks already in advance; looking forward.


  • MEL

    Love your fedora! I second the request for info on it, please!

  • Jessica

    These photos are amazing! You’re the best at editing photos.
    Could you make a tutorial, here on your blog, about it? :):)
    It would be an amazing post.


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