avalon hotel // Viviane // sarah sherman samuelA couple weeks back I partnered with Dove in a “trend crawl” which took me around to a few of my favorite LA spots with a handful of fashion and beauty experts. Our first stop was at the Avalon Hotel where we had lunch at the restaurant Viviane and chatted about spring trends.

avalon hotel // Viviane // sarah sherman samuelAs with most all of Kelly Wearstler designed interiors, I was going major heart eyes over all the details.

avalon hotel // Viviane // sarah sherman samuelavalon hotel // Viviane // sarah sherman samuelThat bar, that folding screen, the chairs… the whole darn place.

dove-trend-crawl-enamel-dictionOur second stop was at Enamel Diction where we received a Dove Dry Spray fragrance prescribed to us by an astrologist to align with our personal senses, along with a color horoscope with hand picked mani colors to complement it. She said red is a great color for me, who knew?! I’ve been missing out this whole time. ha!

dove-trend-crawl-enamel-diction2She also prescribed staying fresh with the “Revive” Dove Dry Spray scent which is described as vibrant, vivacious, cheerful and spirited, plus it promises to keep you fresh for days, so I am 100% ok with that. 🙂

dove-trend-crawl-satine2Our final stop was at one of my all time fave boutiques, Satine where we sipped champagne, shopped, and learned about the magic of Dove Dry Spray. The trick is that it goes on instantly dry and leaves no visible residue while also caring for your skin, so it’s perfect for sleeveless styles and multiple trips to the dressing room.

Satine After we were all shopped out I headed home to revel in the goodies from the day.

Polish from Enamel Diction // Bag and Sunglasses from Satine // Dove Dry Spray // and my cute placard from lunch

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