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I woke up to such a lovely surprise this past wednesday. Glitter Guide had picked their Top 20 Instagram Accounts to follow and I was one of them! My phone was lighting up like a Christmas tree with all of the IG notifications. 🙂

It was great to see some of my favorite users selected as well like @bonnie, @sittinginatree, @amanda100lc, and @pennyweight and perfect to find a few new must follows like @alice_gao and @eatsleepwear.

Seeing the feature had me scrolling through my feed to remind myself what I have been documenting. What I love about instagram is that it holds all your captured moments in one place and at the end of the year you have a little pocket full of memories. So, I pulled out about 100 of my favorite instagrammed moments from the year to remind myself of what great things we got up to in 2012.

Thanks Glitter Guide!

Images by sarah sherman samuel (instagram handle @sarahshermansamuel)

  • congratulations! i follow glitter guide via pinterest and saw this feature there. i’ve been perusing blogs since 2006 and it’s incredible…the power of social media. it turns amazingly talented people into virtual rockstars. i can remember following lisa and stephanie congdon, mav, sally shim…to a name a few and it’s truly a joy to see how far online will take you – just by being yourself.

  • That’s how I found your Instagram and now blog! Yours was my favorite feed on their list- I can’t stop “liking” your photos. Congratulations!

  • Kara

    BTW: I think your heart photo collage is worty of being printed and framed.

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