in my bag // hospital bag essentials // sarah sherman samuelAny day now it will be time to have a baby and our bags are officially packed. I am not sure which items I will actually end up using and which I won’t, but I’d rather err on being over prepared than under. I pulled from baby apps, what my doula told me to bring, and anything I thought would come in handy and made my own list of what I’ll be bringing with me to the hospital for our birth trip.

For personal care/toiletries to tuck into my bag, I turned to The Honest Company. They sent me over a sampling of their all natural goods and I was so impressed with the quality, so when they invited me to share what I’d be taking to the hospital, I thought you guys might want a peek as well.  I first found out about The Honest Company through instagram and their adorable diaper selection, but they also just launched an entire feeding section which has high quality items dedicated to the nursing mother, as well as formula fed babes, so I have a feeling I will be looking to them for just about all things in natural baby care.

In my hospital bag:
(Items in gallery above)

Diaper Bag by Barrington
Robe by Calvin Klein
Lip Balm by Honest Company
Nursing Nightgown by My Tummy
Raspberry Leaf Tea
Notebook from Need Supply (somewhere to record thoughts and moments you don’t want to forget)
Newborn Hat & Socks by Little Hip Squeaks
One Piece Newborn Zip-Front (take home outfit) from Old Navy
Flip Flops by J.Crew (for the shower)
Organic Nursing Cover & Scarf by Honest Company
Slippers by Slippers International
Organic Nipple Balm by Honest Company
Socks by Stance
Nursing Bra by Cake Lingerie

Additional Items (not shown)
Massage Oil & Essential Oils of choice
Clothes to wear home
Hairbrush & Hair Bands
Yoga Ball
Honey Sticks (to keep up the energy)
Bottled Drinks & Snacks for you and your partner
Receiving Blanket
Emery Board or Baby Nail Clippers
Car Seat in Car
Phone & Charger (loaded with a playlist)
Copies of birth plan
Cord Blood Kit
Insurance Card & I.D.

To see more of the series “in my bag” check here.

This post was done in collaboration with The Honest Company, all thoughts and ideas are my own.

  • i want that diaper bag to use as a carry on bag! i think this is the chicest hospital bag i’ve ever seen. so excited for you to meet baby samuel.

  • Adore your picks, Sarah! Especially the black robe. Love The Honest Company- use their cleaning products and undoubtedly will turn to them when I become a mother. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family the best!


  • Andrea

    This looks like a great selection of goods! I wanted to say that when I was in heavy labour with my son, the nurse offered to rub some essential oil on my back and I was like, ” what the hell? How is THAT going to help??” But I let her try anyway.. Oh my goodness, it helped so much! It was like a soothing, lovely smelling distraction that gave me the balance to soldier on. I never in a million years would have thought I would try that but now I tell all everyone about how much essential oils helped during labour. I hope you also find they are a soothing comfort in some way.
    You will be the chic-est mom in the hospital, no doubt. Baby’s little outfit is so perfect and I love that it is comfortable and not over the top.
    Enjoy this time and take it all in.

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Awwwww. This makes me smile, and fondly remember birthing three boys. Each delivery was so different. The best part is that you are bringing a yoga ball. We have funny memories of a yoga ball and my first delivery. And way to go on bringing a sweet, soft and simple take home outfit. Oh, the first time you put babe in the car seat, all the emotions spill over. Such a wee lil thing you are now buckling in for the ride of a lifetime called parenthood. Enjoy all of the moments. Such a blessing. Can’t wait to see babe and mama pics.

  • So excited for you Sarah! Everything looks lovely. I haven’t tried Honest Company, but I used Motherlove nipple cream and it was a lifesaver. Healing and safe – gotta love that. Thinking of you, and wishing you all the best. Enjoy these last few weeks and days as just the two of you! Everything is about to change — in a really big way! 🙂 xoxo

  • Danielle


    As I’m sure you are busy I do have 2 questions… I’m due June 1st – curious, what did you end up using and what would leave behind? also any other diaper bags you also have seen that you like? So hard to find ones that are something I’d use… Thx!

    • Hi Danielle,
      Oh man, we ended up not using like half of what we brought of course. ha I think the things I used the most were the robe, the nursing bra, the slippers, the nipple cream, lip balm, and flip flops. Oh and snacks, lots of snacks. The hospital food was horrific and I had a bit of a rough recovery so I was there a little longer than usual and any chance my poor husband would get to eat the cafeteria was closed so he basically lived off granola bars for a few days. ha Also, my going home outfit that I bought special for Archer didn’t even fit! He came out so long and bigger than the newborn sizes, luckily I had a back up. Hope that helps! I do think I would have used a lot more if my recovery was more normal, but it was kind of crisis mode the entire time we were there, so I didn’t have time to even think about massage oils or even washing my hair and definitely not make-up. ha Hope that helps. x

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