anniversary getaway - in my bag // smitten studioLet me start off by saying I am a huge fan of traditions, old ones and especially starting new ones. Tomorrow is Rupert and my 4 year wedding anniversary and we started a few traditions of our own since we’ve been married. The first being that I wear a white dress, we find a pretty spot and recite our vows to each other. This is my favorite. We get married all over again every year, just the two of us.

The second tradition is that we take turns planning a little getaway to celebrate and it’s a surprise to the other every year. This year it is Rupert’s turn to plan, so I am in the dark of where we are headed but my bag is packed and I am so ready to go. I’ve got my date night outfit ready, a gorgeous card from Rifle, a bikini in case there’s a pool or beach, some slinky lingerie, and an overnight bag to throw it all in.

Do you guys have any fun anniversary traditions?

Shopping Guide: 1. Card by Rifle Paper // 2. Love swing dress from Asos // 3. Camden Bag from Madewell // 4. Floral bikini by Zimmerman // 5. Nude heels from Asos // 6. Beaded clutch by Moyna // 7. Lingerie by Lascivious // 8. Crystal crush bobbi by

  • Seriously… the coolest anniversary tradition I have ever heard. You guys seem like suuuuch a fun couple. ENJOY!

  • Love the white dress tradition! And so sweet (and meaningful) – repeating your vows! Have fun!

  • Omg this sounds ridiculously romantic, like a movie or something! Happy anniversary! We are celebrating 4 years in September as well.

  • Aww this is such a beautiful post! And I love your traditions, especially the first one. I think it’s so sweet that you recite your vows each year and have a special ceremony for just the two of you. When I get married, I am definitely stealing this tradition of yours!

    Hope you go somewhere with a beach / pool so you can wear your bikini.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Awww I love your anniversary tradition! So incredibly sweet!

  • oh what a great tradition, I’ll have to remember that… after I get married 😉

  • what a romantic tradition. I just got married in June and might have to start that! enjoy! ps. love that bag!

  • I love that you take it in turns each year to organise the surprise! I’ll be celebrating 7 years next May and so far (sorry darling husband!) each year has actually kind of been a disappointing celebration, with last minute plans made, or a late card and no pressie!! So, I think for our 7th year we’re going to start this tradition of organising a proper surprise and make a big deal about it, like it deserves! Have a great weekend!


    Those are some GREAT traditions and so sweet. I think it’s SO NICE when couples have traditions and make a special point to celebrate their anniversary! WHY NOT?! ENjoy your getaway!! Beautiful choices above too 🙂

  • Thanks ladies! There’s so many traditions around weddings I figure why not keep it going and make some new ones for anniversaries. right? 🙂

    Oh yea, we need to remedy that!. ha I hope the taking turns works We also have yet another tradition that we are supposed to only make our presents and follow the traditional anniversary gift themes. That way it’s just a thoughtful little something and means more then just a handful of flowers. Good luck on your 7th! 🙂

  • I wake up on my anniversary and put my wedding dress on. To be honest, it came about from me being stubborn. When buying the wedding dress, my husband said “You’re only going to wear this once so why is it such a big deal?” So I told him in order to get more bang for the buck, I’d wear it every year. 🙂

  • So romantic! I love the idea of reciting your vows to eachother every year. Very sweet. Happy Avviversary!

  • Ashley

    My husband and I are celebrating 2 years this September. My love language is gifts so I try to make him a traditional gift for each year. 1 year is paper so I gathered everything from our honeymoon and made him an art piece. He loved it and he made me a union jack beside table. 2 year is cotton and i am still thinking of ideas. I like the idea of wearing white, I try to wear my wedding jewerly during the whole day and we remember each hour what we did for the day. Cheers

    • Awe! I love this Ashley. We do the same thing with making our gifts after the traditional list! For our second year (cotton) I made him a handkerchief that I had printed with a design I made that said “home is where ever I’m with you”. Good luck with your cotton gift. 🙂

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