bathroom renovation // tile progress The tile is DONEZO, (woo hoo!) aka grouted and finished, and I am completely in love with the subtle textural pattern created by matching the grout color to the tile. It is a clean slate, ready to have the fixtures installed and accessories added.

bathroom renovation // tile progress bathroom renovation // tile progress We tiled all the walls except the one with the entry door on it which I had painted in “pitch black” by Farrow & Ball to match the floor tiles. I was a bit hesitant to paint the door and trim so dark but I really like how it turned out, gives it just a bit of drama. You can also just see the new linen closet/cabinet tucked in the corner which is where the old tiny shower was. The space is now much more utilized with the cabinet for extra storage.

bathroom renovation // tile progress See how far we’ve come after the jump…

before & progress bathroombefore & progress bathroomThat bathtub is SERIOUSLY calling my name. It is so close I can almost feel the bubbles and smell the candles. I better get my Harlequin Novels on order 😉

Product sources: White Retro Subway Tile from Wayfair // Black Hexagon Floor Tile from Wayfair // Kohler Bathtub from Wayfair // Paint Color: Pitch Black by Farrow & Ball

To see the fixture plans for the bathroom check here
To see all of our home renovation progress so far, check here

  • Kathryn

    Love this combination! So good.

  • Esther

    You’ve got the Midas touch for sure! Everything you do is fabulous! Can’t wait to see the final reveal. It already looks so amazing!

  • Hilary

    Beautiful, but did the tiling cost an absolute fortune?

  • Thanh D

    Wow! Just like the Master Bath you created such amazing Wow Moments in your home! Congrats to you and your soon to be extended family.

  • painting the entry / closet nook black was a stroke of GENIUS. wow – I cannot wait to see how this turns out. hope everything with the baby is going smoothly!

  • Susan

    This look fantastic! As if I needed to second guess myself before I begin renovating my master bath! =) I know you will enjoy it.

  • Looks so good! Love the black and white (of course ;))!

  • Wow! The tile looks amazing! The black and white combo is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  • amy bordeaux - bungalow

    it will be stunning! I’m am living my bathroom design dreams vicariously thru you! 🙂 Cheers!
    Amy / bungalow

  • Hi HIlary,
    It is a pretty tiny bathroom so it wasn’t too terrible, but an investment over just painting the walls for sure. For me it was worth it to make such a big impact. It’s hard to really see in the photos but I think it’s design features like that which really make the space!

  • Thanks ladies! Can’t wait to share the finished space.

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  • OMG Sarah, I LOVE IT. I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to go with the black (including painting the door and trim, like you said), but DAMN GIRL! You done good!

    I love, love, love the herringbone pattern against the hex tiles–wow, just wow. An inspiration (yet again).

    Glad you shared!

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Random ? Did you have to put the vent in for code or did you choose to put the vent in? We are trying to wrap up our bathroom remodel and am looking at lighting options, but I think I have to put a vent in… 🙁 That limits lighting options. Darn codes. Also, thank you for finding the cutest toilet paper holder ever!!! Just ordered it this morning. In love.

    • Hey Jennifer! Yes to both really. ha We put the vent in because we wanted one but also for code. They aren’t very attractive but we had extra simple recessed lighting put in as well as sconces for by the mirror. x

  • Elizabeth

    Loove all your renos! Just gorgeous! Quick question: on the photo, I can’t tell what surface the side of the bathtub is. Is it simply the apron of the tub or is it tiled? On the photo it doesn’t look as smooth as the inside of the tub (or is that the reflection of the floor tiles?), so I can’t tell if it is the same material as the tub. Looks gorgeous and I want a tub like that, but just wondering if you put tile on top of it, or if the tub can be used as is.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thank you and yes it is just the apron of the tub. I think the reflection is what makes it look a little confusing but it is the smooth finish of the tub itself. Hope that helps! x

  • Laura

    Sarah, are you concerned at all about the white grout dirtying/graying over time?

  • Leah Kearney

    Hi Sarah, great work! Curious about the grout you chose for your floor?
    Regards, Leah

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  • Meg

    So gorgeous! I’m curious, were the tiles applied individually or were they already on mesh backing in the herringbone pattern?

    Regardless, this is absolutely stunning!

  • Angela

    Absolutely beautiful! What size are the hexagons?

  • Tina

    Beautiful work and design, Sarah. One of our baths we finished with marble subway in the shower and small marble hex on shower floor, with larger black hex on bath floor. Loved the larger ceramic herringbone in your’s, so we’ve (maybe) decided on this. Meg already asked my question, above. Bless your poor tiler! Funny story though…looking for the name of the tile you used, I was about to google DONEZO, thinking it was an Italian brand!! Thank you for the inspiration! Tina

  • Christa Hoyos

    Can you share the color grout you used for the white herringbone tile?

  • Jenn Jorge Nelson

    So happy to see this I thought u was nuts planning black hex and white chevron but it works! I keep hearing the Wayfair tiles came with going glue on them.. did that happen to you and what size are these please? I love the charcoal grout did you get that on wayfair too or from
    Where? Thanks I’m so impressed!!!

  • Amy

    Hello-I found your site during a Pinterest search for “grout color black tile”. Would you mind sharing what color grout you used on the floor?yours looks beautiful.

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