framing in the additionThe house is progressing (much like the trash piles in the backyard)… check out our walls and roof! We also busted down the old wall inside the bedroom, take a peek inside after the jump…

framing in the additionCracker is not quite sure what to think of the new rooms that, to her, seems to have sprouted out of no where (to me it has taken a little closer to forever). She refuses to walk out the door and into the new addition, and runs away as soon as she realizes I want to pick her up to carry her through it. She acts exactly like these silly pups, but instead of a cat, she’s scared of the new floor. Did I mention she is a little nuts?  Oh sweet Cracker. Have you ever heard of such a think? Anyway, I hope she will come around eventually.

framing in the additionInside the old wall is gone and for the first time you can get a real feel for the room. Here you are looking at the closet, the back side of the bathroom, and the door to the hallway/rest of the house… framing in the additionand looking back the other way, here, is the wall where the bed will go. The bedroom is still pretty small by most standards but we really wanted to have it match the scale of the house (and save the backyard space). It was important to us that once the two additions were finished, it looked like it they had always been there instead of looking like an obvious add-on. So far, so good. There is plenty of room for a king bed and a couple of nightstands and I catch myself frequently dreaming of what it is going to feel like to sleep in a finished room once again.

For now I’m living vicariously though these beautiful spaces.

To see all of our home renovation progress check here.

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