modern-homebowl-08-smSpeaking of parties… Evite, Coca-Cola® and NABISCO recently invited me to participate in a Home Bowl party contest, (vote for me to win the Top Party Pro contest here) and since I can never turn down an excuse for a party and Rupert is always looking for an excuse to get me to watch more football, I rustled up some friends and family and made a day of it.

modern-homebowl-07-smMy mom and I made a mean cheese plate and finger sandwiches (that Pikku and Cracker kept trying to sneak off with), and we all participated in a little DIY fun, creating our own T-shirts to wear for the Big Game.

homebowl-02sm And this folks, is my family: My mom, rooting for “team underdog” because she could care less about who’s in it but always wants the little guy to win, my dad displaying his hate for a certain team, Rupe more excited about the commercials than anything (especially since one of his will be airing during the big game), and my “I came for the food” tee because 9 times out of 10 that is the reason I show up anywhere.

See more party pics, some tips on throwing a modern Home Bowl party, the info on the T-shirt DIY, and vote for my party to win over on Evite.

  • Oh no! Hate for the Packers??! My poor heart!!
    Still, I am sold on the sassy t’s, like the commercials too, cheese plates, underdogs, and bowl buffets.

    • sarah

      Haha! Yea we are lions fans through and through. Even after how bad they’ve been for all these years (except last year. We were so close then GB had to swipe it away again!) haha 😉

  • So fun to hear your voice Sarah! When you read someone’s blog long enough, you kind of feel like you know them, but it’s so different to see you on video!

  • ADORABLE! I really love seeing this ‘more personal’ side, your parents are the cutest. Totally voting for ya 🙂

  • avital

    oh my gosh, i never would have gussed that this is how you sound, it’s always so surprising to actully hear bloggers speak after you only see them for years… anyway you are the cutest and i voted for you of course. a many years silent follower

  • I always come for the food too, and I love your dad’s shirt!

  • Holly

    So fun!!! Can’t believe you got mom and dad in the blog!

  • Nice! We are Lions fans too, and there are fewer things that are more painful. Love your party concept. and your parents are awesome.

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