Are you guys all shopped out? I unfortunately haven’t even started because I am still playing catch up on e v e r y t h i n g. Seriously. when am I going to catch up and stop feeling like I have to sprint back and forth from 800 things until I collapse in bed way too late? Is this what being a mother of 2 and working will always look like? SEND HELP!? Well anywho, at least I have this guide of what I may buy for our Clover girl even if I will end up getting it the week or day before christmas. Any one of these would do.

Shop this gift guide // triangle book // high chair // wooden rattle // organic quilt //  leather piggy bank // salt night light // tiger dress // play mat // baby hammock // leopard booties // knitted elephant // fox basket


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  • Jenny D

    Love your gift guides! Yes, unfortunately that is what it’s like working with two kids. Make sure you find time for you too so you don’t burn out. Then you’ll be no use to anyone. Sending positive vibes from the UK

  • Allison

    That baby hammock! Unfortunately the link isn’t working for me!

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