09.29.14-weekendThis weekend Rupe and I did a lot of furniture store browsing, trying to get inspired to start planning the nursery design. We hit a lot of our favorite West Hollywood shops…  Lawson Fenning, Organic ModernismNickey Kehoe, and Emperic. While these are definitely not baby stores, I like to pull inspiration and get ideas from places like these because, nursery or not, I still want it to have a similar aesthetic to the rest of the house. We made a full day of it including lunch (and the must-have biscuits) from Hart and the Hunter.

One piece of furniture we did pick up for the baby’s room was on Sunday at the Santa Monica Flea Market. We found this vintage (I think its a Homecrest) rocking chair! It came with all the cushions as well, but I am going to have those reupholstered/re-made. At least it is one purchase for the coming baby down, about a billion more to go.

images by me via iphone & instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • Stephanie

    How exciting that you get to design your nursery! I love the rocking chair! Good luck with the rest of your designing! xo

  • Love the rocking chair, it’s very nice and I’m sure that you will make it look wonderful.

  • Margo

    A rocking chair is a must in a nursery. I love my Eames, great for night feedings and sleepless nights.. Yours looks great!

  • Jill Byrnes

    Check out Room & Board Home Furnishings in Culver City. They have cute, modern baby furniture. The best thing is that all the cribs are made in the USA. You can trust the quality and safety of the finishes, materials, etc… Good luck with your baby!

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