burly wood, boat lamp, bronze deer for cabin

This weekend we also made it over to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Flea Market, where I found a few great items for the cabin. We picked up  (#1) this old bronze boat light fixture that we plan on putting by the cabin’s front door, (#2) a bronze (freaking heavy) deer to sit by the fireplace, and (#3) a pretty burl wood table (also freaking heavy) that will hopefully work as a nightstand in the cabin bedroom.

Every time we go to this flea market we always see the well prepared patrons with their little carts to tow things around and their big hats to block out the sun and somehow we always come completely unprepared for basically anything. We are the ones that show up with no cash so we have to wait in the long line for the ATM, have no concept of how hot it gets in Pasadena since we live by the ocean where it is permanently 70 degrees, and we also come late so we have to carry whatever finds we have about 2 miles to our parking spot. You would think we would learn our lesson after the first 5 trips, but I am sure we will be there next month in the exact same predicament. Somehow it just isn’t a successful flea market day if we don’t come out of there dazed, sun burned, and with sore muscles. I am happy to say this weekend was a true success.

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